Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today's Sky

From Florida Gulf Skywatch

Later in the afternoon, see the HAARP/Scalar ripple effects in the chemclouds down at Panama City Beach

Satellite View today of the Gulf of Mexico - who knows what all's going on there!
(MODIS Terra)

(MODIS Aqua)


  1. Cathy, I have watched your move across the country, found you when surfing for more chemtrail locations in CA. One month ago I was planning to leave Los Angeles and the chemtrails here for the Gulf Coast. You have been my "location scout" sort of. I had hopes of finding relief away from California and I recalled the beautiful beaches there from visiting while living in Nashville. The beaches were my destination.

    Since then the gulf itself has been targeted and I see from your postings that the sky is not much different from here. I feel both sadness and anger because I firmly believe the "accident" in the gulf was no such thing, but another 9/11 (state sponsored terrorism). We know the plans of the globalists and this fits right into their blueprint. The aftermath of the gulf catastrophe is anyones's imagination, and just like 9/11 the real terrorists will never be procecuted.

    Thanks for the updates. Do you have any regrets of moving there? I am uncertain now where to move to. All I know I need to get out of here, the spraying has been non stop since Thanksgiving. You have a great blog by the way and great photos.

    Anne M. Berg
    Valencia, CA

  2. No regrets.

    Of course, I have family here which was a strong draw.

    Found a place close to the beach and so far, it is MUCH better than in Calif. Yesterday was pretty yucky... LOTS of chemtraisl/clouds, but it cleared by afternoon. Today has been gorgious, blue and clear.

    I will be documenting more as I get settled in... just moved yesterday... to raise awareness.

    Regarding the oil 'spill', I TOTALLY agree with you and am now posting satellite images of the spill which often can not been seen... wonder if they are creating a boogieman to provoke fear and manipulate folks? Would not surprise me. They did it with the 'moon landings', 9/11, Pearl Harbor, etc etc etc... most of which few of us even know about. Don't trust 'em a bit!

    And news media are co-conspirators. If they do speak out, they pay dearly, often with their lives no doubt.

    So onward we go, looking BEYOUND the chemtrails to find hope... There is a BIGGER picture!

    Thanks for the kind and encouraging words, Anne.