Friday, November 12, 2010

Watch the Vid Now: What in the World are They Spraying?

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November 13, 2010 EMAIL EXCHANGE

well this was very good. i can not believe the public's non response. how do you explain the obvious. it is so crazy cathy. i got my relatives to look up at the sky and tell me what that is and they just said it was normal contrails unbelievable and they go on like nothing is going on


Hi John,
It is a curious mystery how some folks are totally aware of this ongoing silent genocide while most others are completely oblivious to it all AND refuse to even look at or investigate it!

Go figure.



  1. Great site! I am sharing it- the world needs to know what is going on right above their heads. For Heavens sake people, LOOK UP! ‘Operation Cloverleaf' is real! I was watching 'Dances with Wolves' last night and I saw chemtrails; it was released in 1990. They may not spray your area everyday, but they spray! I can see how advantageous it is to make an adversary look wacky. It sounds so crazy when you say, “They’re spraying chemicals from planes!” Well, call me crazy, but THEY ARE SPRAYING CHEMICALS FROM PLANES!!! I have put some info about this subject on my blog- I'm pretty sure who is behind it, and why. We need to expose them; it needs to stop! I hope you will read and share... connect the dots, links and lines:

  2. GROUPS have been complaining about this for years. To Local, State and Federal Government with the same response from all. Nobody is spraying anything. Your imagination. Just the difference in temperature at altitude that makes contrails spread out and stay in the sky.

    The Government is doing it, and denying it. And yes, citizens do know what is in them. Chemicals such as aluminum. Your Government will take care of you all right. Trust 'em.

  3. Thanks for the comment, OS.

    Just today emailed the following to a friend:

    "Back in 2005 after the Lord woke me up to A LOT of deception I had been sucked into, right before leaving Berlin, Germany, where I had lived as a missionary for 3 years, a German Christian friend asked me why we Americans trusted our governement because they certainly did not trust theirs! Good question... most likely it's part of the brain washing we've been subjected to from birth."

  4. GOOD LUCK on this. MANY citizen Groups have been protesting for years. Yes, the Feds are spraying. Yes, the citizens know the composition of the chemtrails. Aluminum, among other things. And yes, the local, state and federal governments all DENY any knowledge. Many theories, but only DENIAL from the Federal Government. Helpless citizens under the gun (spray in this case).

    Trust them to 'help you'. Right.