Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chemtrails Over Modesto, Calif Today

Received the following today...

Chemtrails today Modesto ca

Cloud?? 4:00pm Modesto ca

4:00pm Modesto ca

Chemtrail 7:00 am Modesto ca

7:00am Chemtrail continues across Modesto ca sky

7:00 am chemtrail across Modesto sky

Sky Modesto during November

Early morning Oct or Nov over Modesto Ca

Same shot as last one

3rd shot as it moves south

Modesto ca at 5:00 pm to the south of my home

X marks the spot...again


  1. We live over by Pelendale and you wouldn't believe all the chemtrails!!!! Got pictures and posted on facebook. Not one person commented. People need to get involved as this it is about all of us. We are being poisoned slowly. It was going on all day Sunday January 13 and still going on today. I am really pissed that this is being done to all of us and especially our kids!!! What the heck is up with all of this and we have no say so about it. I want answers and action taken and ASAP!

  2. Have you seen this vid?