Wednesday, November 3, 2010

65 Year-Old Irish Woman Protests Chemtrails

Breda Murphy – Chemtrail Protest at the Dail – An Example to Us All!

By Neil Foster, 30th September 2010

Yesterday morning 65 year old Breda Murphy successfully protested outside the Dail (The Irish Parliament) about the phenomenon known as Chemtrails.

She chained herself to the railings and held a placard stating that people should start looking up as they were being murdered by atmospheric spraying of chemicals into the air by aircraft on a regular basis. She was politely unchained by a member of the garda (Irish Police) who sympathised with her views.

On the day of the protest, coincidently if you believe in such things, there were clear blue skies as opposed to the previous day and indeed today when heavy spraying took place across Ireland.

There was a decent turnout on the day with many people supporting Breda as well as other protests taking place.

It’s about time people started taking action similar to Breda’s and protesting such things as the dangers of Vaccines, GMO foods, Fluoride in the water supply and many other dangers to the health of the nation which are well known to those in the higher echelons of power.

Lower level politicians are nothing more than ‘useful idiots’ to garner votes from the gullible public who simply, keep the circus going by turning up every few years to vote in another bunch of psychopathic criminals to rule over them. It’s the same circus with different clowns and NOTHING changes!

When will the sheeple realise that it’s not just a few bad apples in government that are fleecing the country? It’s the whole rotten, stinking, corrupt barrel that’s the problem.

The whole political system must go, lock, stock and BARREL! If it’s allowed to stand much longer, we’ll all end up in abject poverty and in the complete power of psychopaths who have no interest in your wellbeing.

Breda Murphy should be held up as a brave icon of what we should all be doing.


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