Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Texan Complains About Being Sick From Chemtrails

by divini

Posted on Nov 1, 2010

I have become aware through my research about chemtrails (the government's answer to global warming which is a cover up).

I have been noticing them more and more in the skies over the last few days in the Murphy/Wylie/Plano/Richardson/Garland area.

I am now extremely concerned as I'm also suffering side effects from it. I have classic "pink eye" that all of a sudden popped up not to mention having slight nose bleeds (this never happens to me). I am a fitness freak and as such always only eating the proper diet and exercising daily.

The side effects I started noticing are getting kind of severe as my window in my car came off it's track and I haven't had it fixed yet, so when I leave the house driving in my windowless car, I am getting "winded" more so than usual and this wind contains fallout of the toxic metals known to be in these chemtrails and now I'm suffering visible and non-visible signs of this.

I AM VERY UPSET I am not feeling good as I take immaculate care of myself and why? All because the government and the "powers that be" are spraying the skies with toxic metals! The reasoning behind this is another story (a bit more sinister than most want to think about).

Right now, I WANT THESE CHEMTRAILS BROUGHT TO LIGHT, THE FALLOUT NEEDS TO BE TESTED, so which local news channel will do this???

I'm available for interviewing and to put my story public, so please contact me!

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