Sunday, February 13, 2011

Suspected Spray Plane Airlines and Airports & Airfields

Received this list today and if you have more info to add, please leave comment - thanks!

Suspected Spray Plane Airlines and Airports & Airfields:

Evergreen - out of Oregon, flying south over California (said to subcontract with Blackwater)

Air National Guard - Lincoln, Nebraska

Fort Sill - Oklahoma

Vandenberg Air Force Base - California

Stratton AFB - Albany, NY

Farmingdale, L.I. NY

Pinal, Arizona (airfield? airport?)

Maguire AFB, New Jersey (KC135) (prop-jet?)

Evergreen - out of Travis AFB - Fairfield, California

Los Angeles International Airport

Canadian Royal Air Force Bases (specific locations?)

South over the state of Maine (Route 9) (Bangor) out of Canada

Southwest Airlines (red-orange fuselage) flying southwest over Saratoga Springs, NY region

Airplane with four red-orange engines & "white" body/wings, flying southwest over Saratoga Springs, NY region

In 2006 Colgan Air, subsidiary of Pinnacle Airlines, now in Memphis Tennessee

In 2006 just north of Quantico Marine Corps base (Virginia?)

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Evergreen Aviation, out of Marana, Arizona
Evergreen Air is out of McMinville, Oregon and has a page that specifically mentions “weather modification” as one of their capabilities. It purports to have these huge tanker planes for fighting forest fires, but how many forest fires are there –planes cost a lot and I am sure they are not just sitting on the ground 11 months a year.
here's a flight tracking application called Flight Aware
in addition to searching for any plane by Flight #, you can search by airport on the left-hand side:
KSBD is for San Bernardino airport
zoom in on the map and see the planes in the area
if you click each one you will find a page of what airline it is, where its coming from, and where its going.
Flight Aware for LAX can be seen here If you want to see a different airport put the airport code into the box at the lower left of the page. You mouse over the little plane symbols to see the flight info. You can also drag the map around and zoom in and out.
Flight Explorer can be seen here I signed up for the personal edition that costs $10/month.
The Modis satellite is here
Photos of the tubes sticking out of commercial jet engines or the spike with a hole in the end can be seen here You have to scroll down and look through the photos to find the pipes or spikes.


Update from Al

"Saw list Cathy........this out of San Berdoo; there's none out of March or Vandenberg...they all come from Arizona or Texas"



  1. Thanks for this information , German military known to be flying chemical spraying planes , this is a report on you tube . Just put in germany chemtrail planes, it should come up.
    Southern Spain my region suspect military bases USA as none of the chemtrail spraying is on commercial routes. Have USA bases in region, we also suspect colusion with Spanish government and military . Air space is soveriegn under law in all nations , plane activity must have licence or be military to cross soveriegn boundaries and must have consent by the powers to be in that nation !!!

  2. Travis AFB is listed, with a question, what state. Travis AFB is located in Fairfield, CA, just a few miles from my home in Vacaville. We were assulted like I have never seen before, on Friday. It was the most blatantly obvious grid to date. How can I verify that Evergreen is flying out of Travis?

    Also, how can I send pictures in of what I see?

  3. Thanks Jennifer. Please send photos to cathyjpalmer AT yahoo DOT com and I will post here.

    Also if on Facebook, you can post them here as well:!/pages/Florida-Gulf-Skywatch/170648292978788

  4. Found this comment

    "Kauai Chemtrail Buster
    February 17, 2011 - 1:53 AM
    You can add: Hickam Air Force Base for Hawaii"


  5. Civil aviation is definitely contributing to the abnormally persistent contrails program.
    Among many (all eye observed and checked on Flightradar)in Europe:
    Continental Airlines
    Air Arabia Maroc
    Air Berlin