Sunday, February 27, 2011

2007 German News Report Exposing Chemtrails

With English sub-titles

The German Military are exposed spraying Chemtrails. This is a Mainstream Media Exposé. Here is the proof that brings this subject to the realm of 'Conspiracy Fact'

They are spraying Barium & Aluminum into our skies to control the weather & our health!

Here is the 'Weather Modification Bill-H.R. 2995' that was presented to Congress in 1995 to try and make this Orwellian population control legal:


  1. thats real good evidence . keep digging , check out this why geoengineer when we can just nuke away global warming ? Ill take the chemtrails !

  2. Don't those people that global warming is a hoax?

  3. Of course they know its a hoax they just want to scare people and make money off of it at the same time . and of course control the people .