Monday, February 14, 2011

RED FLAG ALERT! St Louis News Propaganda

Winter Warming

February 13, 2011 4:03 PM

Arch Sunday2

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Enough of the cabin fever! It’s time to get out and walk on bare ground again.

Most of the ice and snow is fading fast, helped along by temperatures in the 50′s and lower 60′s.

Sunday, it looked like anyone who wasn’t at the St. Louis Zoo was at the car wash. Both were extremely busy.

St. Louisans were also making fashion statements. T-shirts and shorts seemed to be the preferred weekend wear.

And now that we can get outside, a look up to the sky shows a large number of jet contrails —long cloud-like lines made by planes flying at high altitudes. Upper atmosphere conditions are such that some of those lines make designs. We’ve seen the letter “X” in the sky and, from a certain angle, what looks like a large white box perched on top of the Gateway Arch.

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  1. These are not "condensation" trails, and these planes are not normal air traffic on approach, or climbing out from our local airports (if these planes were coming or going from local airports, they're about 20,000 feet too high for that).

    We are expected to believe these flights' normal routes just happen to take them directly overhead, as they travel from other departure locations, to various destinations far away. The problem is, this is easy to debunk. Planes fly in straight lines from departure to destination (shortest route), and there are very, very few routes that take normal traffic directly overhead at 30,000 plus feet in altitude.

    These "condensation" trails don't dissipate the way that normal contrails dissipate. These lines spread out into wispy clouds, that eventually cover the entire sky, and block out a large amount of sunlight.

    Is it reasonable to say that normal "condensation" from jet traffic can be expected to cause persistent clouds that can change a cloud free, sunny day, into a completely cloudy day? If that's the case, then we need to look into why normal "condensation" has suddenly started behaving in such a dramatic way.

    In Los Angeles we have the same phenomenon, and it will turn a sunny morning into a complete white-out by mid afternoon.

    We used to have to wear sunscreen. Those days are long gone.