Thursday, February 17, 2011

Odd Sight Over Tampa Last Night

Received this email today and add the cropped pic at the end...

In addition to about 600 images of chemtrails over Tampa Bay - last night I saw this odd site over Tampa Bay (same planes / different evening - EVERY evening now) It IS hazy looking because of distance AND because of Chemtrail haze/residue (whatever they're calling them now) You may post on your site if you wish despite haze etc

If I had my camera close last evening I could have had a REAL CLOSE-UP of large aircraft/plane/jet that I swear could have landed on my house they're getting so bold and so darn close now.


  1. Its been real clear over here but still seems to be a haze , really see it around the full moon at night , but havent seen any chemmy airplanes for almost a week ?

  2. Same her the past couple of days... so wonderful! If only, they would stop altogher.

    Well, it does seem like more and more folks are becoming aware of the problem which is a big first step; you can't solve a problem until you first see it!

  3. Satellite Launch Custodial Staff- JFKSCFebruary 18, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    Typical AF fuel refill for JFK Space greys, no anal is what it is....................

  4. Yes, thank you for the response! It's hard not to be suspicious after seeing so much spraying profusely day after day and no one finds THAT odd. But may I ask just out of curiosity why do they refuel in med-air if JFK is mere moments away for them and they are right over another a local airport? Thank you once again for your response and have a great weekend all and keep your heads "up"!