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Chemtrail News from Show Low, Arizona

Chemtrail articles bring world-wide response

Posted: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 5:00 am | Updated: 12:32 pm, Wed Feb 9, 2011.

Karen Warnick
The Independent White Mountain Independent

WHITE MOUNTAINS - Two articles published in the Dec. 24 edition of The Independent that dealt with the controversial subject of chemtrails have brought in responses from people across the globe.

One of the articles, "Legislators confronted with chemtrail concerns," talked about former Senator Karen Johnson's trip to the Capitol to provide the Governor and legislators with a packet of information and a DVD documentary titled "What in the world are they spraying." Johnson was interviewed for the documentary and has been active in bringing attention to the subject of chemtrail spraying.

The other article, "Are the cloud-like streaks in the sky chemtrails or is it all a con tale?" presented information from government Web sites and documents, and researchers that support the facts that the government is involved in artificially altering the weather.

Within hours of the articles appearing on the paper's Web site, e-mails and phone calls came in from around the world, including Japan, Australia, Ireland and all parts of this country.

One of those that responded is from Snowflake. In her e-mail Toni Thayer said in part: "Wow, was I shocked to see your chemtrail article on the home page this morning! Thank you very much for having the courage to report this. I was an early activist and organizer against chemtrail spraying in 2000, but I received so much government interference and intimidation that I had to stop."

Thayer first became aware of planes leaving trails in the sky that lingered for hours in 2000 in Flagstaff where she lived for almost 30 years. She started researching the subject and talking to people about it and was shocked at what she found out.

She went so far as to look up weather books about Flagstaff back in the 1930s and found out that the white haze that has spread across our skies is "not normal." She called the airport to ask about the jets doing the spraying and was told they didn't care.

"No one answered any of my questions. I contacted the National Weather Service office in the area and one of the employees said he couldn't talk about it on the phone."

Thayer, who is a business consultant, had worked for non-profits in Flagstaff, including the Friends of Flagstaff's Future, several environmental groups, and an animal rescue organization. She was active in the community and ran for city council in 2000 but lost in the primary.

Shortly after that she contacted a friend on the city council about chemtrails and was told by that person that they didn't want to know about it. She took a notebook full of research to the council and five days later was told by her friend that the city said to keep it quiet.

That night a large helicopter circled her house shining down bright lights. "The walls were shaking from the noise of the helicopter. I looked out the window and saw a man in black with a gun running down the street," she said. "I called the police who sent a car that went down my street but didn't stop. I called them later to find out what happened but they said they had no record of a call or the police being sent to the area and to call back in a few days."

Thayer went to some of her neighbors to ask if they had seen the helicopter. Everyone she talked to agreed they saw it and several had also called the police. Two of the neighbors described the helicopter as black with no markings.

When Thayer called the city police back several days later, she was told they couldn't talk about it. During this time, she said, she was having problems with her phone acting weird and called the phone company. They checked into it and said she had a tap on her phone that was coming from higher up than them which meant it was probably the government, said the phone company service representative.

Thayer became concerned when she heard about a woman in Flagstaff who was also looking into chemtrails and went missing. She moved out of state for a year and then moved to Snowflake in 2001.

Because the subject of chemtrails has received such wide attention, she no longer feels it necessary to stay away from the subject and decided to talk about her experiences. Besides being a business consultant, she is also a writer and has written articles about chemtrails that have appeared on many Web-sites and in various newspapers.

Thayer has been involved in various environmental issues and was a speaker at the Freedom Conference put on by Sylvia Allen in Heber in October of 2003. She continues to research and study the issue of chemtrails because she believes it is harming our planet.

She's not alone. Many of those that responded to the original articles are also concerned and keep a close eye on new information.

It seems that despite the lack of media and government attention plenty of people are watching the skies.


blueskies posted at 10:03 am on Thu, Feb 10, 2011.
CrispyEd: I presume you also remember from your classes that jet contrails (exhaust and condensation from jet engines) disappear instantaneously in dry environments since H20 evaporates quickly in arid conditions. This leaves the following unanswered: During 10 years of drought, how did jet contrails in Arizona skies (a naturally dry environment) open, expand, join with other "contrails" to form solid white veils that covered the sky for the entire day (and still do several days a week). Keep lookin' up, and you will see what I mean. Can you remember when Arizona skies were azure blue, filled with white puffy cumulus clouds? When Arizona monsoons marched in from the southwest and right on out to the northeast? It's all laughable as citizens deny, politicians promote their phony global warming tax and control scam, and Obama, NASA and universities work together to implement the Global Weather Control System. Things that make ya go HMMMMMMMMMMMM . . .

wes alderson posted at 8:49 am on Thu, Feb 10, 2011.
Come on now, Mr. Crispy. Even though (as a scientist & weather forcaster) I know the reasonable explanation for contrails is just what you said (condensation & freezing of water droplets at high altitude) any reporter reports such tales as the one Karen Warnick wrote, including the tale of the person she included. Karen is a great reporter - let's not play the game of "reporters should only report what they can prove is the truth." Commonsly, in any good newspaper like White Mountain Independent is, a reporter writes all versions of an issue that he or she has access to. And yes, sometimes an investigative reporter helps add color to any situation as she has done here. Good for her!

CrispyEd posted at 2:39 am on Thu, Feb 10, 2011.
Wow. This chemtrail business reminds me of when the Independent had James Donahue writing for it way back when, and I thought they'd hit a low back then.
"Chemtrails" are caused by the combustion of jet fuel with the oxygen in the atmosphere. The primary exhaust of which is CO2 (invisible) and H2O which crystallizes in the cold of the high altitude. I know this because I took high school chemistry and am not schizophrenic.
Karen I hope you did some actual investigation on Ms. Thayer's claims beyond simply reprinting the details of her email. Given the mix of "interesting personalities" on the mountain I'm more inclined to believe you have a delusional/nut/hoaxster than that the government wiretaps and sends helicopter commandos to every person that thinks jet exhaust is "harming the planet".
Oh deary dear...never change, Independent.


  1. YES! Arizona skies are supposed to be clear blue unless there's a storm coming...We're a DESERT! Can't even see the stars at night because of the haze that's constantly being pumped into our environment...STOP IT!! If MAN-MADE weather problems is actually happening, they're not kidding it's MAN MADE with CHEM-TRAILS!! EVIL B-----DS!!

  2. 2015 See she was right They are called CHEMTRAILS and they are here in SHOWLOW AZ