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Clear with a chance of... "chem"trails?

Are these normal contrails from commercial jets? Or something else? (photo:

Clear with a chance of... "chem"trails?
February 10th, 2011 2:51 pm ET
By Byron Palmer

You watch, click or read the weather report and discover it calls for sunny skies. You throw on your t-shirt and shorts, grab a towel and head to your backyard, beach or park to catch some rays.

You get situated in the sand or grass and rub on some oil or suntan lotion. You slide on your shades and throw your head back and feel the sun on your face, the warmth on your arms and legs. It feels amazing. The heat of the ultraviolet. The feeling of peace and comfort.

Then, out of the "blue" a strange cloud drifts in from seemingly nowhere. It's kind of elongated, kind of fanned out like creamer poured into a hot cup of coffee. It becomes a strange haze and seems to diminish the sunlight like a passing cloud.

Then you see another, more thin and straight looking "condensation" line that goes from one end of the horizon to the other. Then you see another white stream that crosses over the other white line creating a miles long X in the sky.

It looks to be a contrail from a jet plane. You know, those white streaming trails left by jets at high altitudes. They are correctly referred to as "condensation trails" and contain condensed water vapor made from the exhaust of jet planes. We see them on a regular basis. Don't we?

But some concerned citizens here in the Metro Detroit area and around the country, in fact around the world, are claiming that these condensation trails are not what they appear to be. And in many cases are not what we are told they are by military and government officials.

So, what are they?

Since 1996 alternative news seekers have claimed, reported and investigated the claim that the so called condensation trails we see are more than just water vapor. That they are in fact, "chemtrails". Chemical or biological agents that are being deliberately sprayed in the skies above and upon an unsuspecting population below.

Since that time, the U.S military, NOAA, FAA, NASA, and the EPA have all denied, debunked or flat out disputed the assertions of "conspiracists" that these "chemtrails" exist. It is not a scientifically recognized phenomenon and therefore not worthy of attention, discussion or investigation. People are witnessing condensation trails that are from commercial aircraft and that the vapor trails they are seeing in varying forms are due to certain atmospheric conditions that cause the trails to spread or linger in the skies for hours. Go back to sleep your government has it under control.

Well, okay, but if it is just vapor trails from water then how does that explain the X's in the sky, which seemingly crossover existing flight patterns and is against FAA regulations. Or, even the fact that these trails linger, spread and create a haze-like smog that lingers for hours or even for whole days? Don't contrails usually dissipate a few seconds, or in some cases, even minutes after being dispersed?

If you Google "chemtrails" you will find numerous websites, blogs and references that repudiate official government explanations regarding this above your head and in your face "conspiracy". A lot of time has been devoted by private citizens and private investigators to a subject matter deemed "conspiratorial" by mainstream scientists and government officials.

The website, from investigator Clifford E. Carnicom, provides a very extensive database of "aerosol crimes". Mr. Carnicom has a vast library of chemtrail information that includes photos, chemical analysis, their effects on health conditions and their links to certain diseases, their effects on the atmosphere and vegetation and many more subjects that are affiliated with "aerosol crimes" or "chemtrails". The body of work he has accumulated is very impressive and worth reviewing for anybody curious of this subject.

Another website,, offers a thorough breakdown of some answers to some of the gleaming questions surrounding the phenomenon.

Are these just paranoid, hysterical people looking for some type of conspiracy that includes the government conducting nefarious activities across the United States and over the Detroit metropolitan area? There are always those considered the tinfoil hat crowd that connect every official government explanation or action to some form of cover-up.

However, it is no secret nor conspiracy that the U.S military and other government funded agencies have been experimenting with weather modification since the early 1950's. Maybe even earlier. The U.S. and Canada entered into an agreement back in 1975 to exchange weather modification techniques

It was such a serious issue that was even been addressed by the United Nations General Assembly's Resolution on the Prohibition of Military or any Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques. This was adopted back in 1977.

Twenty years later, in 1997, the Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, stated the following in a Q & A session for a Department of Defense briefing at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction and U.S Strategy held in Athens, Georgia:

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes through electromagnetic waves... It's real and that's why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."

Cloud seeding is a common practice nowadays here in the U.S and abroad. There are even companies that specialize in this type of weather modification. There is the Weather Modification Association and a company called Weather Modification, Inc. that provide services, analysis and resources to disperse cloud formations, seed clouds to produce rain and other modification techniques approved for use by the U.S. government.

The NOAA has been charged with regulating these activities and even has an official form to fill out. Notice in section six it clearly states "modification techniques and dispersal rates". Nothing weird there. Just the usual paperwork.

Cloud dispersal was conducted a few years back in St. Petersburg, Russia just days leading up to an international summit and scheduled parade. China was cloud seeding back in 2009 in the hopes of creating rain clouds to combat severe drought. Well, when this happened they over seeded and did not predict a sudden cold front which turned the rain into snow.

So, what are chemtrails? Are they modification programs to control weather fronts? Chemical and biological agents? Are those in power trying to reduce sunlight from entering the atmosphere in the hopes of preventing global climate change?

The jury is still out. But, the underlying fact is that technology does exist to modify weather. Military technology is always 30-40 years ahead of our time. There is no telling what types of weapons, chemical agents or experiments are being conducted without our knowledge and/or consent. The mere fact that people are aware and concerned and raising public awareness makes for an interesting debate.

After all, people were raising concerns about fluoride in our drinking water decades ago. And the FDA just released a statement that our water here in the U.S is over fluoridated thus causing undue medical conditions.

People were raising awareness about the effects of toxins in cigarettes for years. We know how that played out.

Advocates and scientists are now concerned and leaning toward sounding the alarm as to the serious health effects related to cell phone use.

Can we count on our government to actually tell us the truth if in fact they are conducting some type of aerosol campaign that is experimental in nature and causing illnesses, droughts, severe weather, etc.? Probably not.

After all, most government programs that are harmful to us physically or psychologically or that subvert civil liberties are done in the name of national security. They're protecting us. They care for our safety. Right?

As you walk outside and view the sky and notice planes flying at high altitudes, creating X's in the sky from condensation from their engine vapor and crossing each others flight patterns against FAA regulations. Ask yourself if this is standard commercial airline activity being conducted? Or could it be something else?

If you pay particular close attention to movies, animated features, cartoons, commercials and print and web ads, you will see these white trails in the skies as if they're a common occurrence. As if they're a part of the sky and that we should be all too familiar with seeing these "chemtrails" in our everyday lives. So often that you won't even notice that anything is out of the ordinary. So often that you never question their existence.

Is it subliminal? Is it psychological? How do you know... if you don't even know to ask?

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