Thursday, February 24, 2011

RED FLAG ALERT: More Propaganda Chemtrail 'News' from Phoenix, Arizona

Do Toxic Chemtrails Really Exist?

Some Arizonans Believe Airplane Exhaust Is Really Toxic Chemical Spray
POSTED: 2:07 pm MST February 23, 2011
UPDATED: 7:42 am MST February 24, 2011

Roxy Lopez looks to the skies of Casa Grande with skepticism and fear.

"Early in the morning, you'll see several jets flying this direction back and forth, up and back. It was plane after plane after plane. It was crazy, right over here in this direction," said Lopez as she pointed to the sky above her backyard.

She was referring to air traffic overhead that leaves familiar white lines in the sky. Most consider them condensed and frozen airplane exhaust, or contrails. But Lopez and a growing community of people across the country believe they are something more sinister.

"There's a big picture here. There's a really big picture here," said Lopez. On her website,, Lopez claims that all of those white lines are chemicals being sprayed, either by the government or private industry, to try to control the climate.And, she says, those chemicals are making us sick.

"They are getting colds or respiratory issues that they are now associating with this heavy spraying," said Lopez. Lopez is not alone. Arizona is a hotbed for chemtrail believers. Former Arizona Sen. Karen Johnson even joined them in an online documentary entitled, "What are they spraying?"

"Why is this happening? Why is this continuing to be allowed all over the United States and all over the world?" said Johnson in the documentary. CBS 5 News wanted to take a closer look at the data these theorists use. One local website,, lists a table from 2009 supposedly compiled by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. It shows incredibly high levels of dangerous particles: aluminum, chromium, antimony, arsenic and many more.

CBS 5 News went straight to the source to fact check those numbers. An ADEQ spokesman told CBS 5 News that all of the numbers were way off and completely false. In some cases, they were 28,000 times the standard results. Take antimony, for instance. The chemtrail website claims findings of 129 million nanograms per cubic meter. ADEQ's highest finding during that same time period for antimony was 6.8 nanograms per cubic meter. Even if the chemtrail report was accurate, there is still no evidence that the dangerous levels were caused by chemicals sprayed from planes.

"I think it's pretty funny. I think some people have seriously too much time on their hands," said Chad Verdaglio, president of Sawyer Aviation, with a chuckle. He's been flying for nearly 20 years and said he's seen every contrail shape and formation in his years in the sky. All of them, he said, are easily explained. " On drier days, you won't see them. That's why here in the Valley, we don't see them as much. But on days with more humidity, that's when you'll see contrails," said Verdaglio. The EPA states contrails can linger for long periods of time, and depending on winds, can appear to be spreading or falling to the ground. But they never actually do. Verdaglio said if planes were spraying chemicals in a mass conspiracy, you would see the plumbing on the wings, and someone would have blown the whistle by now." Every contrail is just good old-fashioned airplane exhaust, and that's all it is," said Verdaglio. You'll get the same answer from NASA, NOAA, the FAA, the EPA, and the Air Force. All of these federal agencies say chemtrails are bogus. But that has done little to slow down the believers.

"I believe that the EPA will turn us on to what they want us to see. Our government is so big, so vast, that the left hand doesn't talk to the right. I'm sure that there are things that the president doesn't know. There's an interest in what's going on up there. What's going on in our skies, What's going on with us," said Lopez.

Chemtrail believers point to patents they’ve found listed on federal registries involving aerial chemical spraying. They cite military reports from the 1990s that explored the possibility of manipulating the weather if our climate turned dire. But U.S. Air Force spokesmen state adamantly that those were just studies, and not only are they not practicing climate control, they don't have the capability to spray the state, the country, and most certainly the globe.

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That was yesterday and here's today's disinformation 'news' at the same website to mislead the undiscerning reader ...

Chemtrails Report Sparks Viewers' Reactions
POSTED: 11:32 am MST February 24, 2011
UPDATED: 11:59 am MST February 24, 2011

Pat McReynolds' report Wednesday night and Thursday morning on CBS 5 News about claims the the government or private industry is secretly spraying the skies with chemicals to control the climate sparked a series of reactions from our viewers and website users.Below is a sampling from emails and posts on our Facebook pages as close to their original content as possible.
  • The chemtrail conspiracy crowd is an "interesting" bunch. I wonder if they also think that the sun revolves around the earth?
    Andrew Patterson
  • Can't believe that these people believe this. I think they all need some serious help in one form or another.
    Craig Markie
  • Every few years this comes up again and again. Why don't these people keep the tin foil on their heads and stay indoors.
    Keith A Miller
  • I like how KPHO news is usually NEWS, not crap, but....the government using "chemtrails" against us? Seriously? Come on people - leave the conspiracy theories to the nut-jobs.
    Jason Puckett
  • Why would you or any other legitimate media outlet ever give credence to such an outright fabrication as "chemtrails"? Good lord. Do you people even remember what news reporting is like? Do you even remember what news is anymore?
    Will Marlett
  • Why even report it. Guess there was nothing else to report about as usual. What a waste!
    Lenny Saptho
  • I watched the story. I sighed deeply when I heard that the earth is flat, the President is an alien, and the black helicopters are spraying us with fairy dust. Wish I'd had my aluminum foil deflector beanie handy.
    Christy K Robinson
  • The Chemtrail people, should get rid of the chemicals they are doing and come back to reality…what a joke from those trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.
  • … If your goal is to add to the public’s fear, you’re doing well with this ridiculous story from a small number of people who have no idea what they’re talking about. By the way, if they’re controlling the weather, they’re not doing very well are they? And in a democratic country, I wonder how many of this small group of people get out and vote every election to help make sure that the right people are in office. I love your show, but you lose me when you give credence to ignorance.
    Edward K. Delp
  • UFO's, Chem Trails , --THE STEALTH BOMBER--as far as I am concerned --the government and agencies are notorious for denial and mis information . Who knows what the truth is until the real truth really comes out for people who say its all bogus --your logic is as applicable to your theories that these are all bogus ! --if you cant prove theorists wrong --hush !!
  • Great job, Pat! Very balanced and intelligent. Perfect example of Telling it Like it Is.
    Mike in Mesa


  1. We have written a letter to CBS as well as set out a new press release. You will not be disappointed!

    It is all on our website, please feel free to copy it to your on going story, because believe me this is one we have our teeth sunk into and we are not going to back down.
    Thanks for your support!

    Roxy Lopez

  2. Roxy, you did a great job and I'm really bothered by how they ran this story!
    Read my response to their slanted story.