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Tote Tank Washes Up on Panama City Beach Shore Today

JUNE 14, 2010 UPDATE
ANOTHER tote tank washes on shore, this time in Walton County. Here is the article followed by a VERY interesting comment:


Suspected BP tank washes ashore in Walton County

A similar one came ashore in Laguna Beach
June 14, 2010 11:13:00 AM
Florida Freedom Newspapers

MIRAMAR BEACH — A shiny metal storage tank suspected to be from the Deepwater Horizon washed ashore over the weekend, officials said Monday morning.

The tank is intact, and it does not appear any oil is leaking from it, according to a Walton County news release. The tank is similar to the one found on the beach Saturday near Panama City Beach.

A crew hired by BP will remove the tank off Miramar Beach, and it will be taken to New Orleans, where the investigation into the Deepwater Horizon explosion is under way, the release stated.

Fasten your seat-belts, BP continues to outright lie to the public:

-- toxic hydrocarbons are in the crude that is gushing. (The US Gov should be testing/monitoring the specific chemical composition. Air qualities of VOL's along the LA coastline report air quality unsafe levels by over 1,000% in some cases.)
-- the pressure of the oil volcano is 20,000-70,000 psi (They cannot contain it.)
-- they have been dumping about 4 million gallons of oil a day into the Gulf
-- BP now says by July they will collect 80,000 barrels/day. Each barrel is 42 gallons = 3,360,000 OIL PER DAY INTO THE GULF!

No, that tank placed in Walton and PBC did not come from the blowout...

Most disappointing is seeing how impotent our inept Gov. is from the top down knowing their true allegiance is with this foreign corporation.

We need skimmers, testing, ban the use of Corexit and the burning of oil, determine an evacuation plan, and get a super tanker in there to collect the oil, ASAP!

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ALSO check out this message board: What they are not tell you.

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This story is a too weird and I question what they are telling us. Please read comments at end the last of which identified this container as a Tote Tank.

A tote tank holds 550 gallons.




Posted: 8:03 PM Jun 12, 2010

Mystery Tank From Exploded Oil Rig Washes Ashore On Local Beaches
A large metal container or storage tank, capable of holding several thousand gallons, washed ashore in the Laguna Beach area of Bay County, Florida Saturday morning. Residents say first crews to the area said they believed the tank, with BP logos, came from the Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig that exploded, burned and sank off the coast of Louisiana 55 days ago.
Reporter: Joe Moore

Tank From Exploded Oil Rig Washes Up At Panama City Beach

A metal container or storage tank, capable of holding several thousand gallons, washed ashore in the Laguna Beach area of Bay County, Florida Saturday morning. Residents say first crews to the area said they believed the tank came from the Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig that exploded, burned and sank off the coast of Louisiana 55 days ago.

Residents at that section of the beach say the tank first appeared last night and washed up to the shoreline over night. But no one reported it to authorities until mid morning today.

Eye witnesses tell newschannel seven the tank had BP identifying logos on it but those were promptly removed when crews arrived late this morning.

Its not known what is inside the tank but the Coast Guard, Bay County Hazmat Teams and The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sealed off the area for a thousand feet after fumes from the tank were so noxious people began feeling ill.

Bay County EMS Ambulance units were sent to the scene to stand by but they apparently we not needed.

Even though Bay County Hazmat teams did some on the spot testing to see what was involved but the liquid substance couldn't be identified.

After spending most of the day on the problem crews ended up loading the container onto a large truck with to truck it to the local Coast Guard Station when it will then go to Louisiana for testing to see if it petroleum or a dangerous chemical.

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Storage tank from Deepwater Horizon washes ashore on PCB
June 12, 2010 03:03:00 PM
PANAMA CITY BEACH — Bay County's first tangible landfall from the Deepwater Horizon accident is not tar balls or oil plumes. Instead, it was an oil storage tank suspected to have been onboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded and sank off the coast of Louisiana in April.

According to U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Steve Caskey, a tank weighing 5,000 pounds with a 550-gallon capacity washed ashore near 14th Street and Front Beach Road in Laguna Beach.

“It was leaking when it washed up on the beach,” Caskey said. “There is some oil in it. There was sheen created from the tank leaking.”

Caskey said there were BP markings on the tank and other evidence that it came from the Deepwater Horizon rig.

The Coast Guard pulled it from the surf and has taken the tank to the Coast Guard station at Naval Support Activity Panama City.

Crews Saturday afternoon were driving posts into the shoreline and stringing absorbent boom for about 100 yards along the shore.

Caskey said that part of the beach and shoreline is closed “until the threat is mitigated.”

Hazmat trucks were on the scene cleaning up and making sure residents and visitors are safe.

The Coast Guard also was driving up and down the beach looking for anything else that might have washed up.

This is a developing story. Check back with The News Herald for more details.

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UPDATE: BP Marine Storage Tank Washes Up on Panama City Beach
Unified Command officials believe a big oil tank from the Deepwater Horizon Oil rig explosion washed onshore Saturday morning on the west end of Panama City Beach. The tank has BP markings on the side of it.
Reporter: Josh Gauntt
Email Address:

A shiny, metal marine storage tank washed ashore Saturday morning on the west end of Panama City Beach. Officials do believe it's from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion.

"The oil tank was turned over in the surf break .It was leaking oil at the time," Petty Officer Aaron Frost, of the U.S. Coast Guard said.

We're told the 5,000 pound tank can hold up to 550 gallons. A yellow oily substance is inside. On the side of the tank a green and white placard reads BP "Horiz". Which officials say is short for Horizon.

Wayne Dumphy says he actually saw the tank floating in the ocean last night.

"Last night about 11 or 12 o'clock, I was just looking around in the ocean. You could see something shiny in the water about 300 yards away," Dumphy said.

As the tank sat on the beach, people walking near the area began smelling a very strong odor.

"You can definitely smell it. I can see why it could be bad for some people," Bill Little, a visitor said.

A few swimmers complained of having an oily sheen on their bodies. Coast Guard officials then shut off parts of the beach. While containment crews brought in boom.

Then the tank was loaded onto this trailer. It was pretty heavy causing a tractor to go up on one side. This family says after seeing what was happening, they decided to leave.

"It sucks because we've been out in the sun since this morning and now we have to leave," Whitt Wilder, a visitor said.

We're told the tank is being shipped to a big warehouse in Louisiana for an investigation which could take days to figure out what’s exactly inside.

Parts of the beach shut down are now back open to the public.

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1. How incredibly odd that the currents can carry a 5000 pound piece of the rig to our shores before the oil.

2. Looks more like a holding fuel tank from a BP refueling station. Possibly a portable refueling tank that a service boat used to transport fuel to a customer or job site?

3. You would think they would know they "lost" it. Easy enough to ID if the article is correct.

4. Now that I look it? That looks more like a supplemental fuel tank that a long range boat would strap on so it did not have to stop along the way for refueling. That is my final answer and I am sticking with it.

5. It is like any tool that goes missing from a jobsite. Every try to find out who used the hydraulic jack last and where that jack is now?

6. Which BP fuel provider is missing a 550-gallon capacity tank? I thought all fuel storage tanks had serial numbers and regular State inspections? Somewhere there is a leaser or owner who let an expensive steel tank slide off of a service boat or dock?

7. I tend to agree with you here...and with Readers above. Wow! That's a first for both...;-) I don't care if the whole dadgum rig washes up on PCB as long as the oil heads elsewhere.

8. The news is reporting it’s a refrigerator with an odor. I would hate to believe the rumors that people/boats are taking advantage of the disaster and are dumping things into the Gulf they would have never done before the spill.

9. Why would ANYONE allow ANYONE to remove labels and logos from this container. This is in the News channel 7 web story???

10. I'm thinking the same thing... Although I guess it had enough oil and/or trapped air to float...

Also, I submitted this to - so hello to any Redditors that stop in and read the comments... Here's a link to the submission:
11. How did it get all the way to shore before being seen? I thought there were lots of boats out there looking for oil, seems like it should have been seen earlier to me.

12. A container about the size of a refrigerator does not contain up to 550 gallons of oil. Think about a 55 gallon oil drum, 10 of those stacked up is much larger than a refrigerator.

13. 55us gallons is about 74 cubic feet. so a container that is about 3.5 x 3.5 x 6 feet which is kinda the size of a fridge actually.

14. I used to transport bulk containers for a trucking company that were a little smaller and they held 300 gallons I would believe that one would hold 500 its probably clearly marked on the tank.

15. That is a tote tank. we use them for transporting everything from chemicals to oils and fuels. Could have come from anything. Supply boat, oil rig, ship etc.
Its common to find one floating out in the gulf. There use to be one on Shell island for about a year several years ago down past the house.

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