Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LA Getting Creamed By Chemtrails

Satellite View of Southern California August 1, 2010


We're getting CREAMED
Tuesday, August 3, 2010 12:33 AM

Today, and yesterday were perhaps the worst chemtrail days I've ever seen. I went up to the hollywood sign at midnight last night to check out the city, and you could see a blanket of particulate matter just covering the city, and the valley.

If you take a look at the satellite views of the earth, you'll see that the entire coast line is inundated. Those clouds you see off the coast, they are all artificial. That is not natural marine layer. You can see the rainbow, chembow in the satellite photos. If you look at yesterday's close up satellite photos of the Northwest, you can see those big plumes, which look like real clouds are not real clouds. Look closely, and you can see the tell tale trails, expanding into enormous chem clouds. You can see what appear to be "Ship Tracks"

I believe these indeed are ships, spewing out a heavy mix of Sulfur Dioxide. Sulfur dioxide is what creates these masses of artificial clouds over the ocean, then they supplement that with the airplanes.

What's going on I wonder. There must be something more to it. I wonder if perhaps Raytheon got this contract, and they are just doing make-work. I can't imagine there being any practical reason to be putting up all this cloud cover, constantly.

Perhaps the military likes to operate without worrying about satellite recon? But from who?

It's ugly down here, and lots of people, friends of mine are having respiratory problems...although the same people think I'm a total nut for talking about the artificial clouds...although on days like today, people do agree that the clouds all do seem to come from the planes.

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