Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update from Northern California

~ Late in the day photo ~

Received the following email today...

Subject: Yesterday ~

Forty-five days since major chemtrail activity, (not counting day 27, which had some morning flyovers)...But, today, the most humungous chemtrail I've ever seen was spread across the entire North State valley, east to west...After so many days free of OBVIOUS flyovers, the ominous sight was jarring...It's been apparent that something has still been (more covertly) going on, (likely higher altitude stuff and/or night time activity), because the tell-tale white, glarey haze is always present on the horizon...Five hours later the giant monster, still hangs in the sky and now new lines have "developed"...Amazing how good they're getting at mimicking cirrus formations, too, (not quite the same, but close)...

Well, fight the good fight and many thanks, for all you do to educate the masses. Being enlightened carries with it the responsibility to protect and serve in our capacity as stewards of the earth. May all who are aware continue to remain strong in the commitment to keep sounding the alarm... Thank you for being there; may you be blessed in all your endeavors.

Best wishes and aloha ~ flower

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