Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What in the World Are They Spraying? and What Are We Breathing??



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  1. I have viewed the 12 parts with Cathy and Kelly on your channel which was very helpful. Far too much nonsense leading people down dead ends.

    The following, from a neighbour of yours, is mind blowing, needs further examination and is one of the most important words for today: The Seven Trumpets which herald the end of the age. (John's vision of the Apache helicopter is simply awsome.)

    Five have already sounded the sixth will see a war starting with Iraq with 200,000,000 casulties.

    See You Tube ppsimmons channel:

    "The Book of Revelation Is Happening NOW! You Must See This! The Seven Trumpets Are Blowing!"

    My spirit tells me this is the correct interpretation and puts it all in context.

    Of course others have suggested that "the sun and the air were darkened" Rev 9.2 (or 8.12) refers to the effect of CHEMTRAILS, global dimming having resulted in a reduction in sunlight of 37%.