Sunday, October 5, 2014

Chemtrail Testimony from Shasta County, California

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Published on Oct 1, 2014

Experts present revealing evidence of the dangerous effects of Geo-Engineering Chemtrails has had on nature and human health.

Scientists, doctors, pilots, meteorologists and more share their concerns with the Shasta County Board of Supervisors in a Hearing on Chemtrails and Geoengineering from July 15, 2014

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Posted: Friday, September 12, 2014 12:00 am
A growth moratorium valleywide is a logical response to drought. Truth about weather manipulation might be even better. by Harold Saive, is perhaps the best information site available on the internet for weather manipulation science. Shasta County here in California is so fed up with federal government lies and cover-ups of the Chemtrails polluting Shasta County water supply with spikes in the toxic levels of aluminum oxide reaching many times allowable levels, and the adverse effects on agricultural yields, the County Board of Supervisors in Shasta County rose to the occasion and officially voted to investigate the government sources behind this national shame that passes as "atmospheric science." If the supervisors are not "disappeared," we might learn something useful to stop this chemtrail madness through the mainstream media.
Savie's Blog has it all. We kill people with microwave weapons through more than one devious and almost untraceable technique; we even move and turn jet streams, a technique that is ideal for causing droughts, like here in California. We change storm directions and have done it with reckless abandon killing many people including our own, all because few people will speak truth to power about the advanced state of weather manipulation. Most government officials deny everything. Shasta County is being courageous.
We've even perfected turning ordinary storms into Biblical floods. We appear to be doing it all the time according to much of the electronic evidence that gets posted on Savie's website at Heck, we even cause earth quakes when we choose.
Perhaps as we stop all construction related commerce and major revenues to our government agencies in the Tri-Valley Area, logical though it may be, maybe we might want to start officially investigating weather manipulation science . . . just a little?

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