Sunday, February 8, 2015

Here we go Loopy Loop via Jet Spray in Panama City Beach, Florida yesterday Feb 7 2015

It was ALL day the jets were flooding our beautiful blue skies with white gunk.

Here's a small example of the insanity...


  1. Many saw them. I took stills and was horrified - it began early in the a.m. and continued until dusk - over the lake, the creeks, PC. Our radio talk hosts think I'm nuts and said it was crop dusting or condensation.

  2. Thank you for these videos - WMBB knows nothing; remind Brady Calhoun at the NH he should be concerned - everyone is being sprayed. Particulate matter glinting in the sun? Burning eyes? Talk it up on the radio; send emails to elected officials. This Saturday was TOO MUCH.

  3. Oh brother. Do you live here in PC? Are there any other like minded folks here do you know?