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Is the Gulf Oil Spill a Staged Event?

They lied to us about 9/11
They lied to us about JFK
They lied to us about going to the moon
They lied to us about Pearl Harbor
They lied to us about so many things over the years, why believe what they are saying now? Is the Gulf Oil Spill a staged event:?

Found this from June 18, 2010

BP Oil Spill: "A Staged Event" ????

By vrajavala

Max Igan, American Voice radio show, noticed something very peculiar about the official "live video of the oil spill for the Senate to view. It was aired on CNN and can be viewed HERE.

If you pay attention you will see that there is a studio door opening at 29 sec., 38. sec., and at 5:12 sec. Now, how can you explain a studio door opening, when these so-called "live" shots were done by controlled robotic cameras in the deep water near the spill? Is the oil spill worse than what we are being told? Is it a volcano? Is it a hoax? Was it deliberate? There seems to be a lot of evidence pointing to it being deliberate. Especially, the lackadaisical response.

Think about it. The Global Warming Hoax has just been exposed and the so-called Climatologists shown to be nothing more than greedy manipulative shills paid off by Prince Philip and the Rothschilds to bring about their massive population decimation. Some of you may know that Prince Charles famously said "if there is reincarnation, I would like to come back as a virus, so I could reduce the population by about 2/3." (He thinks the ideal World population would be 500 million.) You see, he and his old friend, Prince Bernard, are Malthusians, who later evolved into Nazi lovers.So, with Anthropogenic Global Warming exposed, the next step would be the massive oil spill, which will contaminate the ocean and the Atlantic Converter, which are both involved in regulating the Earth's climate.

Tony Hayward, or maybe I should say "Tiny" Hayward, is a geologist who sold his soul a long time ago. He was not only CEO of BP, but also a director of TATA Steel, which happens to be one of the companies that is profiting from the European Union's Emission Trading System. The chairman of TATA Steel is the discredited Rajendra Pauchari, who is also the chairman of the IPCC. TATA acquired the Steel company in Britain called the CORUS Group and decided to take 7.5 million European Union surplus carbon allowances and close down the British Teeside Steel mill, leaving about 2,000 Brits unemployed. Remember, "Tiny" has an honorary doctorate in geology from the University of Edinburgh. Don't you think he knew where they were digging? He's a cotton pickin geologist!!!! (As I mentioned previously he dumped 1/3 of his BP stock a month before the "spill" or whatever it is.)

So, you see, "Tiny" is definitely in the "loop." And, since no one is "plugging the damn hole", you can expect that by mid-July and August the toxic chemicals and oil will be drastically affecting the "Atlantic Conveyer," which will prevent warm water from reaching the Northern hemisphere and cold water from reaching the Southern hemisphere, and give Prince Philip an Ice Age instead, but definitely a lot of human extinction.

June 18, 2010
Source: http://hubpages.com/hub/Was-The-Oil-Spill-A-Staged-Event

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The illusion of the BP Oil Spill & NWO Agendas

Posted: June 27, 2010

by wyleecoyote

*UPDATE* “Site owner, I appear to be unable to gain access to update my original post. Could you please update it for me, to read as follows: I am requesting, and gathering more intel. I hope to be able to post next week something much more substantial, “a smoking gun” of sorts, that should provide more information, a better direction for those people living in the coastal areas, and those worried for their children’s future.”

The ‘disaster’ in the Gulf of Mexico is beyond a false flag; it’s an illusion. What I’m about to reveal will more than likely go by the wayside, and the charade will continue. The reason for writing this is not for attention, games, or folly, but to expose the biggest scam in the 21st century, and to relieve some aching hearts. There is no need for fear as this is a staged event. I cannot reveal my sources, they do go straight to the top, but hopefully what I write will echo inside of each person reading this as the truth.

Much of the information I present here cannot be easily verified, fast checked, or ever presented as anything, but hearsay, as they are just words of an anonymous online entity. The Government, corporations, and the people behind them have pulled out all the stops to insure the truth doesn’t come out. They are the reason why the beaches have private security contractors, insuring no one is able to gain access to the oil on shore. They are the reason the Gulf of Mexico is a no fly zone. They are the reason why the gulf states are being locked down by military. They are the reason why the well head you see is different in many videos that BP releases. Without this measure of control the illusion would fail. In this post, what I can do is provide leading evidence, or give clues to the truth; from there you can use something that has gone by the way side, common sense.

The large oil spills washing up on the shores are not from BP Deep Horizon. They are indeed from surrounding wells, that were already leaking by design. These wells can be verified through a simple online search. You’ll notice that much of the oil is actually in the form of tar. Usually tar balls; sizes of these have reached 2000+ pounds.

From the start, BP, Haliburton, and co-conspirators knew where they were drilling. Using specific equipment, such as the German ship RV Sonne, they had detailed maps of the ocean bottom. The ship, and a specific college study from 2005, in the Gulf of Mexico, are your starting points to what’s really happening in the gulf. Here’s a link to what the study synopses http://geology.about.com/cs/volcanology/a/aa051604a.htm

What BP, Haliburton, and other co-conspirators intentionally drilled into was an Asphalt Volcano. Sounds scary doesn’t it? It really is not. In fact, after you read the above link you’ll know that the Gulf of Mexico is literally coated in oil, tar, and methane hydrate at the bottom. The study went on to find that massive aquatic life has specifically adapted to living off of the hydrocarbons. That in fact these asphalt volcanoes are a natural part of the ocean ecology, and their eruptions actually benefit the sea life over the long duration of time.

Another aspect to what I was directly told is that BP, Haliburton, and other co-conspirators drilled intentionally into the ‘mid side’ of this particular asphalt volcano. Basically from what I understand, it is a soda bottle effect. If they had drilled into the top of the volcano, then all the gas would rise out, and explode as would bottled carbonated liquid. The effect of drilling into the side permits a safely controlled release of gas, tar, liquified asphalt, and other related gases. What was done is a more or less controlled release; almost natural in fact!

The Asphalt volcano was a win win situation for this false flag: as it presented the best illusion to all outside parties. Not only do the conspirators need to fool the general public, but also the oil industry, and scientific community. The public is easy to fool, but the latter two groups take a little more effort; this is the main reason why the Gulf is being isolated by security contractors, and military. Anyone well versed on this giant debacle in the Gulf knows that it is surrounded with stories, and claims of negligence. This was the first purposeful aspect to make the story seem credible to all outside parties; as the story is more easily believed, when it is chalked up to human error, or incompetence.

Besides using inferior, shotty, or flat out negligent craftsmanship, as the well was intended to fail from the onset, the conspirators knew that the pressure produced from the volcano would blow out even better equipment. This was the second mechanism to fool other industry experts. All experts, and scientific communities only know what they are told, and that is the well tapped into a large high pressure hydrocarbon pocket. To even a trained eye, what they are being told appears to be a massive oil gusher, when in fact it’s a controlled event.

In watching the videos, or live feeds looks horrible, and very ominous, but upon closer examination the tell tale signs of what it really is shows through, what you are actually viewing is a man made(well bore) large “Black Smoker”. You should take note, as the evidence has built, the live feed appears to have been tampered with. I suspect it is because of the video below. The man narrating the video has it correct, it is a volcano! But those aren’t flames. From the link provided above, they are a combination of gases; specifically Sulfur, and Iron are what create the flame effect. Since the airing of that video, several of the live feeds have been proven to be tampered footage, or faked.


You need to realize that an illusion is only as good as it’s weakest link. All scientific evidence on paper coming from the government, and corporations is being fudged. In the case of this staged, and controlled event that weak link is the oil, or more specifically the tangible tar that can be collected. As I mentioned much of the oil that has been seen, or noticed is tar rather than heavy crude oil. Out at sea closest to the Deep Horizon site, “shrimpers” have been hired to boom the oil/tar together, and set it ablaze. There are several huge fires right now out in the Gulf. The reason is for this is to hide the evidence. The distinct asphalt volcano tar, is actually coated with naturally produced oil eating microbes, and other natural safe guards produced by Mother Earth; these types of organisms are not present in a regular oil well, but commonly in the Asphalt Volcanoes, and large tar flows at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

To continue with why the asphalt volcano was a win win to drill into, is the heaviness of the tar. Read the linked article provided above, the tar will cling to lighter oil, and fall to the bottom of the Gulf at some point, near in the future. Also, the microbes, and other organisms that naturally occur from this will multiply. They will not only eat the tar, but the other control released oil that they are pumping into the Gulf.

We’ve all seen the videos of beaches not lined so much with oil, but with tar balls of varying sizes. Also, we’ve all noticed BP’s overall lack of concern for cleanup. We’ve seen booms which aren’t tied together. We’ve heard first hand account of staged clean ups on the beaches. As soon as a press conference, or media event is done BP stops work. The reason is simple, it’s not that they don’t care, but that they already know what’s gonna happen. The oil will start naturally being cleaned up via decomposition, oil eating organisms, and falling to the already naturally tar covered bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

What’s the benefit of this scam? MONEY, and population control. Read this article http://theintelhub.com/2010/06/18/gulf- … ized-plan/ If you’re still reading this article, and even beginning to grasp the sinister nature of the fraud being perpetrated, then you’ll realize that the corexit9500, and other dispersant’s are not needed. They are purposely being sprayed by Evergreen Air/CIA to cull the population along the Gulf Coast.

Also, explained to me, is the large amount of useless eaters, pond scum, or undesirables living along the gulf coast. These would be the Americans living off of the government. I will not beat around the bush with pleasantries, or politically correct statements here. This coastal area from Texas to Florida has the highest, or most dense population of targets of illimination by the US Govt., and corporations. These are the populations living on welfare(in this area dominated by African Americans), and the older population living on Social Security(mainly Florida). These people are going to start dropping like flies over the next few years, and greatly reduce the burden to government coffers.

In this respect this is a doomsday event, but it’s not the end of the food chain, death of the oceans, or as some have warned an extinction level event. It’s only bad for the targeted populations.

To cover the money aspects of this fraudulent event, are somewhat self evident. Primarily, as President Obama (note he’s not very worried, think about it) has just pointed out, they are using this false flag to move forward with the Carbon Tax, followed by Cap, and Trade. Another aspect of profit is the clean up of this disaster; those boats aren’t running around for free in the Gulf. From there, is the very real aspect of banks calling their notes on the remaining mortgaged properties along the Gulf, and peninsula of Florida. Remember Katrina? They never gave the land back, but sold it to casinos, and other businesses. Almost all beach front property will end up in the hands of the banks, and government. They’ll play this disaster off for a few years, and explain the mysterious disappearance of oil on kindness from mother nature.

The side effects of this scam are negligible; in the eyes of the perpetrators, they’ve done nature a favor. They’ve opened up an asphalt volcano from the side, and will shut it down in the next few months by equalizing the pressure. The equalization of pressure will come by way of the two relief wells; which are not wells, but vents. when they do this, I have no clue what excuse they’ll use, but the current gusher will stop. I said stop, it will not slow down, but literally stop. Remember, all they have done is aided nature in something that is a very common, and naturally occurring event at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

That’s about all I have to say. I will pop in to answer any if at all questions. The reason I came forward with this information is that I myself was worried about the level of this event. Honestly, knowing the reasoning of what, why, and how has given me peace. Anyone who has family anywhere near where they are spraying these chemicals need to alert their family to leave; they are the target of this false flag. To anyone who finds credence, or a shred of truth in what I’ve written, please pass this on; as we all are the target on the grand scale. The target by way of the coming carbon tax, cap, and trade.

source: http://arcanumdeepsecrets.wordpress.com/2010/06/27/the-illusion-of-the-bp-oil-spill-nwo-agendas-update/

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optisoft wrote:
Approaching Grand Isle, signs are up all over the place… 100s of them

My first observation, driving from Atlanta to Grand Isle, was the excessive police force in Louisiana and Mississippi. Oil spill aside, those 2 states are pure fascist states. I saw more cops in 1 hour on their interstate than I have seen in the last 5 years in GA. I just wanted to add that in there for a special cop on a special ego trip, whom I even tried to explain strawman, Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and the fact that USA has been in a state of national emergency for over 50 years. Through his crappy aviator sunglasses, hiding his evil soul, he wouldn’t even listen and gave me a ticket for speeding 81 in a 70. Fuck him, ticketing sovereign non-profits people on a mission for the people in his HOME STATE, especially when there is NO INJURED PARTY.

We arrived in Grand Isle, not knowing what to expect after all we have seen here on SHTF411. I was expecting to drop my camera and start helping wildlife, but… Lo and behold, the beach was oil-slick free. We walked upon the beach and noticed tons of birds and dolphins and an orange oil boom stretching as far as you can see down the beach. The boom was about halfway from the coastline to the road, running along the beach. As we approached this boom to get clear shots of the dolphins that were just off shore, a Sheriff pulled up on a 4-wheeler. He would not speak on camera, but he did open up to me off-record once I mentioned “We The People”. Below is what he told me:

1) The entire state was up in arms as to why NOTHING was done to prevent the slick from hitting shore. Once it hit, it sat for days, then BP began to act.
2) The news is bullshit, don’t listen to it, any of it.
3) The oil is moving east, not west
4) The oil is coming to shore in giant waves, then none for a while
5) If the oil breaches the barrier islands and reaches the swamps and canals then LA is devastated economically as most of the economy relies on fishing, drilling, and processing the fish and oil. Many residents rely on fish for part of their diet – it’s a poor state.
6) If get within 50 feet or so of the ocean then you have to go through decontamination. They are calling the beach a red zone.
7) The beaches there have always been “dark”, but, they have been drilling a few miles off shore since the 70s . I counted 10+ older rigs within naked eye sight of the beach – they still pump oil “except for the new drilling ban” but the oil is nearly depleted, which is why they moved deeper off shore with DWH.
BP does not have a track record for safety and precaution.

I did not see thick oil at Grand Isle, but the entire ocean was a dark brown/blue color and a chemical film covered it completely.

We left Grand Isle State Park and starting heading to a random location on the coast, which ended up being Port Fourchon. I literally picked a random spot on Google maps and started heading there. On the way, a few subsidary roads, leading to the coast, had police blocking it. I wasn’t looking for trouble yet and just kept heading on to the Port, which was 10 minutes fron Grand Isle State Park. A bridge connects Grand Isle to Port Fourchon. The entrance to the bridge had an SUV cop with his lights on, parked in the middle of the bridge. I pulled right up to him and said, “what, I can’t go through?”, he said “nope”. I asked why and he said “short answer, because I told you so, long answer, talk to the operations center a few miles down another road. I said, “uh, Free Press? 1st Amendment?” He cared not. 2 more police came from the other side of the bridge, sporting blue lights on their 4-wheelers. I said fuck it and headed over to the operations center.

When I got to the operations center, a large group of Coast Guard was having a little get together under the center “homes are on stilts there”. They were actually pretty cool. I explained what I was doing and wanting to know why I could not go across the bridge, which was public property. I asked if this was martial law. They arranged for me to speak with the public relations coordinator. Thanks Guards!

The coordinator explained to me that the land on the other side of the bridge, albeit massive and containing an entire port, was owned by two familes. Those 2 familes had made arrangements with BP and the state police to keep “researchers” and “press” off their land; however, to honor free press and 1st amendment, twice a day the select press would be escorted by police to a specific location where they could photograph and not explore. In essence, he said “your not going to see anything”. They refused National Wildlife Federation access to this special press police escort – only a few press agencies were permitted. I was very persuasive and throwing legal jargon out left and right and they finally said they would allow me to join that elite press group tomorrow at 9am, but not until after telling me that “you’re not going to see anything there”, so I declined, knowing full well that they would not allow us to see anything.

From Could the oil spill acutally be staged?

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BP oil spill cleanup is a dog and pony show

The cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico have been dubbed by local fishermen as the new BP dog and pony show. During interviews with the Associated Press and CNN, local fishermen explained how BP’s cleanup plans change on a daily basis when they are all briefed by BP managers before taking their boats out.

Fishermen of the Gulf States signed up to join the BP cleanup crew with their vessels, called the “Vessels of Opportunity”, after they lost their livelihood on April 22. This was their way to protect their ecosystem and find some source of income for their families, or so they thought.

Every morning they attend a briefing where they receive specific instructions for the remainder of the day. Mark and Frank Kruse, brothers of the deceased captain Allen Kruse who committed suicide last week, stated “Each day there was a different meeting with a different plan and Allen told us that this was madness.”

Captain Kruse had told his brothers that they were instructed by BP managers to take out their boats and ride around close to shore so people could see them, then bring the boats back in.

Gulf fishermen are afraid to speak on camera but quietly confirm that they receive no protective gear and no respirators from BP even when they asked on several occasions. The crews do not even get rubber gloves to protect their hands from potential skin allergies caused by the toxic mix of oil and dispersants.

They are all quiet out of fear of losing their jobs with BP which is now their only source of income. They further confirmed that BP managers have repeatedly assured the cleanup crew that the air around and above the oil spill is safe to breathe.

Many crew members have reported illnesses such as nausea and respiratory problems, but doctors refrain from pointing out that such are caused by benzene and Corexit fumes, both known to be carcinogens when inhaled.

The cleanup effort is also a very slow process and only about 25% of the current oil spill has either been burned or scooped out of the water, leaving more than 100 million gallons of oil drifting in the Gulf of Mexico and around the Eastern seaboard on its way north.

It is not known whether the EPA has any control over the cleanup effort and whether warnings have been issued to BP to control the process in an environmentally safe fashion to protect both the crew as well as contain any cross contamination. Several disposal trucks have already been seen leaking oil on busy roads and in parking lots and are subject to heavy rainfall.

Written by Nick Doms © 2010, all rights reserved

#1 oil spill has a lot of tar
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 2010-06-27.
There are a few issues that just don't make sense - BP knew exactly what they were drilling. Geologists warned them not to drill there. BP used lower quality well/safety equipment. The board stood to implode the entire business: mass loss for International shareholders/pensioners - gulf real estate losses and multiple other legal liabilities etc. etc., which would negate this sort of "do everything wrong" type of operation. It made no business sense - at all. For 10 mil and a few extra hours, they stood to lose everything. No CEO/board of directors would take this gamble for pocket change. BP CEO, Goldman Sachs and Obama sold massive BP shares just prior to or upon the fist signs of well problems.

In the senate we have new and big taxes on the table, carbon tax, and a new internet kill swithc bill etc. and we have three German made, Israeli subs off the coast of Iran - or soon to be. McCain is singing Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran, sung to the music of a Beach Boys song - Barbara Anne.

All we have are tar balls (very little oil damage) and major concerns over corexit, which is known to be less efective and more toxic than other available dispusants. Look at any oil spill (google one) and you see oil on the beach, not tar.

Private security is blocking the public eye/media. A lot of outside help is turned down. Fishermen are staying quiet. EPA is staying quiet. Media is quiet. Any information that comes out is screaming that there is a real visible lack of effort being put into the clean up. In some cases it appears to be staged for the media

I hvae been looking all over the net - MSM news, alternative news, youtube, radio talk shows etc. And there are three outcomes that I have learned about:

1) relief wells will work - see media
2) pressure increasing - well casing fractures, too much pressure for any relief well to stop the flow - see w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=h0znxYtHGuk
3) conspiracy - This is a staged event for specific economics reasons - a "tar volcano" not an oil volcano. - see w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=vdpS72hDt8Y

Either way - from a business perspective - it made no sense. From the possible foreknowledge - it warrants a look beyond an accident. From the potential disasters ahead, it warrants a look at all information, beyond MSM, as a national emergency means no detailed MSM information will be forthcoming. Another issue is that if an evacuation were to be called over oil/poisonous gases (can't live there for many years type of evacuation), the equities markets would crash, taking the entire US economy down. No matter what, the poisonous gases will not be promoted for evacuation. Hurricanes might be used as the reason to evacuate.

Take a look past the basic situation, because this is not basic. This is a complex issue, with many political moves happening at the same time, which goes beyond the basic and seemingly beyond an accident.

Source: http://www.huliq.com/9990/bp-oil-spill-cleanup-dog-and-pony-show

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