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Peter Kawaja


On or about 1989, Habib Peter Kawaja and his company, International Security Group, Inc. (not affiliated in any way with Wackenhut), were hired by someone named "Louis Champon" to install a security system at a plant in Boca Raton, Florida named, The Products Ingredient Technology Plant (PIT). This building was to be the site for a new, and healthier, natural, but more expensive developmental cherry flavoring that would go into soft drinks that were being artificially flavored at that time.

The key ingredient in this new cherry formula was a hard to process and expensive extraction from the cherry pit itself. Unfortunately, and not known to Peter Kawaja at that time, another by-product of this extraction was a deadly cyanide derivative called "Prussian Blue," which was a coveted ingredient in terrorist activity around the world. Peter Kawaja later learned that among its other "features," Prussian Blue could penetrate our gas masks and MOPP Gear so that even though our troops thought they were protected in the event of a biological attack, the Prussian Blue would make our gas masks and MOPP Gear porous, and render them useless against a biological attack.

Not only was Peter Kawaja later told that he was to install a very expensive cyanide detection system, but Peter Kawaja became very suspicious when instead of cherry flavor testing with soft drinks going down the conveyor belt, instead, Gas Masks and Mopp Gear were traveling through. Hopefully you are asking why would gas masks and Mopp Gear be going down the conveyor belt and why would the United States be testing for gas mask/mopp gear penetration? Well good question.

Peter Kawaja was thinking the same thing. He began investigating and found that back in 1988, before Peter Kawaja was hired by Louis Champon, the U.S. Government was making a serum at Fort Detrick, Maryland from two horses (Abe and First Flight). These horses were injected with specifically selected biological weapons that the U.S. AND THE GLOBALISTS MISLEADERS WORKING WITH THEM were planning to use in the upcoming, pre-planned First Glf War (yes. . .preplanned). After injected with these biologicals, the horses would develope antibodies while not being affected the same way that humans would be to these same biological weapons. This horse serum antibody(s) were then collected and injected into some of our soldiers heading off to war two and three years later (1991).

Because the Gas Masks and Mopp Gear being worn at the time were very cumbersome, and were effective for only about 1/2 hour, the soldiers' effectiveness was limited in this arena. The US in cahoots with their Global misleaders wanted to see if they could create a "Super Soldier" by injecting them with these horse serums INSTEAD of having the soldiers put on the cumbersome gas masks and MOPP Gear in order to be protected from a biological attack. But how would they pull this off. You can't just tell soldiers that you are going to be sent into a deadly biological zone so we can see if these serums work. So, these misleaders did not tell the soldiers of these experiments. So, on the surface, the rules were the same. Each soldier was assigned his gas mask and Mopp Gear, . . . you know, make the soldier think they were protected with the gas masks and MOPP gear while actually making these otherwise protective gear useless by using the chemical Prussian Blue that was tested at the PIT Plant in Florida.

Please note, however, that this story is VERY different than the alleged "vaccine" stories being told by Hanoi Joyce Riley, The Black Witch Doctor Rebecca Carley, Demonic Nazi Dave vonKleist the Disinformer, Bush League Doctor Garth Nicolson and their ilk. This real eye witness account from Peter Kawaja had nothing to do with mycoplasma, anthrax, depleted uranium (du) or any other of these phony stories these enemies of freedom have "created" in order to confuse the listener and take our attention elsewhere.

So, some troops would get the immunization shots from these two horses' serum (ABE and First Flight), and some would not. Then when the troops were under attack in Iraq, the soldiers would put on their gas masks and Mopp Gear thinking they were protected when in fact they were not, since all that had to be released was the "Prussian Blue" chemical which would render the gas masks and Mopp Gear useless. Then biologicals would be released to see if the troops that were being experimented on were able to fight off the biological attack using the immunization serum from the two horses.

In order for this to be done, there had to be "experimental groups" and "control groups." Some troops had to get the vaccines (experimental group), and some did not get the vaccines (control group). Then the nasty biologicals were released intentionally infecting our own people. Then their blood had to be collected and tested to track the results of these mad experiments. (That will be explained later, but here is a clue. . .enter Hanoi Joyce Riley, the Bush League Doctor Garth Nicolson, and Demonic Nazi Dave vonKleist all saying "send us your blood and we will test it for you for free).

But back to 1989, Peter Kawaja, was then soon to find out more and more incredibly damaging facts about this situation that would not only alter the rest of his life, but would eventually lead to his murder. Had The Late Great Peter Kawaja been able to get this information to the public, both in America and the around the world, regarding the dastardly collusion between the American Government, several World Leaders (including the U.N.), and the very international terrorists that we allegedly are fighting against, the public would have seen an entirely different world plan for the First Gulf War, The Second Gulf War, and all these "alleged" terrorist attacks in between, of which we are just playing the role of pawns. . . to serve at the whim of the kings of the earth, both seen and unseen.

Once the U.S. Government was sure that Peter Kawaja had too much information, including audio evidence that would show that the U.S. Government, in joint venture with these globalists and international terrorists, created the First Gulf War for purposes of testing Prussian Blue's effect on our own Gas Mask Penetration so that WE (YES WE) could then release this chemical, Prussian Blue, in the Patriot Missles, and then WE (yes WE) would release Biologicals (not Saddam) they attempted to silence Peter Kawaja. In the summer of 1990, during the build up in the Middle East (Desert Shield), President George H. W. Bush (#41), secretly signed a War Powers Act Subpoena, which illegally authorized the NSA, FBI and other alphabet agencies to raid Peter Kawaja at gunpoint, steal much of his evidence against them, and then they sealed it as National Security (as it is still sealed to this day).

Fortunately for us, Peter Kawaja was able to store many damaging pieces of evidence away, and shortly after the raid, the misleaders realized that they did not get it all. So they set up phony "news interviews" like the one they did with Ted Koppel on Nightline, in order to try to find out what else Peter Kawaja had in his possession, and what he could prove. Of course, when it was time to tell the real story, Ted Koppel said that he could not do so or it would toppel the entire U.S. Government (and the globalist agenda). The government continued to regularly abused their power, like when the feds held three grand juries, calling Peter Kawaja as their key witness to allegedly prosecute these terrorists, but in fact were really just trying to force Peter Kawaja to turn over his remaining evidence to them and show them what else he could prove. Of course whenever Peter Kawaja tried to address the jury, the grand jury was summarily dismissed. The now Late Great Peter Kawaja was also called to testify before Congress, and of course he understood what that was all about. Same old, Same old. So, if they could not get his evidence, and could not determine what he could prove, and by then they also tried to bribe him, and that didn't work either, then they tried to totally ruin him.

To bring Peter Kawaja to ruins, they would threaten to kill and then actually killed his wife, started his house ablaze (which of course gave them permission and plenty of time to enter his house and repeatedly search it while he was being administered oxygen), and yes, among other things, they would even send the IRS to seize his property.

When Peter Kawaja continued to try to expose what really happened before and during the First Gulf War, and by then, there were also several related terrorist acts right on American soil that were tied into The Late Great Peter Kawaja's eye-witness account, Peter Kawaja began sending out certified mail to numerous misleaders, including Bill and Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, etc. This meant that none of them could later deny knowledge (plausible deniability).

By now, Peter Kawaja was doing seminars, showing how Ishan Barbouti, the same terrorist we had been allegedly hunting, was actually on the U.S. and world payrolls and was the mastermind behind the PIT plant, having made it in the image of the Libyan plant that we bombed in the 1980's.

The pressure was building as Peter Kawaja continued to force the hands of these enemies of real freedom. In November 1994, Peter Kawaja finally decided to file a suit against all these misleaders, forcing them to answer questions under oath and forcing them to turn over documents, including the sealed documents they stole from him under the illegal War Powers Act Subpoena which were then illegally sealed as National Security. This was the last straw. It was obvious Peter Kawaja was not going to stop. So the Government did several things to stall while devising a bigger plan.

In the short term, the government opened up the "black-hole" to end the suit. They opened their own alleged "investigation," therefore claiming that Peter Kawaja could not sue because the matter was "under investigation." Of course this claim changed (back and forth) as convenient for the government. They finally filed a dismissal request claiming that even if everything Peter Kawaja said was true, the government was immune from prosecution because they are. . . the government. How convenient. They can stop you from stopping them by saying they are investigation themselves, and by saying that even if they are acting illegally, too bad . . .they said they are allowed to do so. How's that for freedom!

In the long term, the government devised a much more sinister plan. The U.S. Government and their globalist terrorist friends knew that Peter Kawaja was not going to stop no matter what. They needed to "s-curve" Peter Kawaja's story (a disinfo strategy where they do not try to stop the truth, but just steer it in a different direction so that nobody really understands what the real issues are. They they confuse the story and take it fully in a new direction (ala the alleged Gulf War Illness) Using "s-curve" disinfo strategies, these enemies of freedom changed the story enough so that even if it got out, we would understand the "facts" differently and would be misdirected (ala the alleged Gulf War Illness."). In fact they told Peter Kawaja just that. The government misleaders and their globalist friends told Peter Kawaja that if he continued to expose them, they would (1) deny, and (2) they already had "credible" evidence and witnesses in place that would take this story in a different direction.

So, things are getting really hot. Peter Kawaja and another two veterans were tracking down both Peter Kawaja's evidence, and what is called the "VA Hard Files" (where the gineau pig troops blood records were stored). They track these documents to the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, and boom. . . the building suddenly blows up right as he is ready to get them. Meanwhile one of his friends helping him track disappears while another one is murdered, and . . . Enter Hanoi Joyce Riley, The Real Life Nazi himself, Real Life Nazi Dave vonKleist (he continues to change his name and spelling so you won't know who he really is, see "Dave vonKleist Nazi Ties: Illuminati Disinformation Tactics Strike Again" ), and the infamous Bush League Dr. Garth Nicolson.

In May 1995, before the dust clears from the Murrah building explosion, they allegedly "break" the "alleged" First Gulf War Story (a totally different story with all the s-curves) using these phony experts to change the direction of the story (no gas masks, no Prussian Blue, no "Project Syanara," no U.S. in joint venture with international/globalist misleaders and terrorists, no Peter Kawaja). This alleged "news break" was on a Saturday one-hour broadcast on a small, unnocticed, and just created show called Nursetalk with Hanoi Joyce Riley. On that show, the Nicolson's talked about "theories" (NO FACTS), and of course nothing resembling the truth. Because Hanoi Joyce Riley's next assignment was to penetrate the Peter Kawaja camp, with this alleged attempt to air the "truth about the First Gulf War, bla bla bla. . . throwing CIA sex and a her newly created and totally phony past in Peter Kawaja's direction (see "Hanoi Joyce Riley's real military record which shows she was never in or near the First Gulf War in any capacity, contrary to what she claims), with the commitment to working together to expose the government and the phony globalists misleader terrorists in cahoots with the U.S., oh. . . and Peter Kawaja, . . . bring all your evidence (are you catching on to this well worn strategy yet?)? See also Hanoi Joyce Riley's Miltary Record described so that you can see the significance of her cover story for even becoming involved out of nowhere falling apart.

Peter Kawaja unfortunately, fell for their latest trick although only for a short while (2 months). But that is all these disinformers and traitors need in order to create the s-curve. In that time Peter Kawaja stated that "according to the Nicolsons" . . .and talked about their findings on something the NICOLSONS termed "Gulf War Illness" (Peter Kawaja did not know about Gulf War Illness. . .that was a creation of the Nicolsons, Hanoi Joyce Riley, and Demonic Dave Nazi vonkleist." Peter Kawaja was careful to talk about these things "according to the Nicolsons." Of course with these liars, that distinction has been blurred and even erased today, as these trators try to make the alleged "Gulf War Illness" Peter Kawaja's eye witness account. In fact, Peter Kawaja's evidence is much much worse than that, and should have resulted in desease or deseases much worse than that, however, all that has been erased other than a few glimpses of the Real, Late Great Peter Kawaja to those who really looked.

In fact, these misleaders and their agents, including Hanoi Joyce Riley, Demonic Nazi Dave vonKleist, "Wee Willy" William Lewis, The Black Witch Doctor Rebecca Carley, and others, operate with impunity as usual, as they openly are voice morphing, audio and video morphing, etc., Peter Kawaja today, trying to undo everything he tried to accomplish, while even making him look crazy and even making it look like he is going back on the words he repeated for 15 or so years. Many of the others who have tried to expose the real story of the First Gulf War, and how it ties these same pigs (Phony Patriots Infiltrating Groups) into the terrroists acts on American soil and even into these disgusting wars, are either dead, disappeared, under severe attack, and most often are having their voice and image morphed, their email addresses hi-jacked (with a bunch of nonsense being said in their names that is not from them at all, etc.).

It is part of the total control of media INCLUDING THE INTERNET that these PIGS (Phony Patriots Infiltrating Groups) have. They have done the same to Christian Attorney Linda Kennedy who was learning the truth without assistance (the evidence is available, but hard to find and disappearing or being changed quickly). In fact, the phony Black Witch-Doctor Rebecca Carley, the aka Tom Kohler, Weee Willy William Lewis of the Power Hour, the real life Nazi hiding his past Dave vonKleist, and Hanoi Joyce Riley coordinated a theft of much of Christian Attorney Linda Kennedy's personal affects. Christian Attorney Linda Kennedy has even asked on the air several times on Precious Time Radio, "why would they want my photo albums?" Well, if you come across alleged naked pictures of Christian Attorney Linda Kennedy that of course are not really her, posed as a porn queen, then you can see the depths to which these very evil people will go in order to try to "take out" of the way, anyone who really sees what they are doing. They are a ruthless bunch without conscience, which does not even need to be said when you consider the blood on their hands just in this account.

And add to this, the framing of a single mom for the murder of "up to 80 babies" according to Hanoi Joyce Riley, when in fact, Hanoi Joyce Riley was on the hook for these murders in Texas, See Genene Jones on; Nazi Dave vonKleists role in terror in America today as well as his past Nazi roots including several intelligence officers who spied and even murdered many Americans in the past for their Nazi beliefs, and all the identity theft (not just on paper, but the morphing and cut and pasting these creatures do is beyond numbers); Witch-doctor Rebecca Carley's involvement (see in the murder of an elderly patient, and subsequent theft and changing of the woman's will to reflect fraudulent gifts to Witch Doctor Carley, and of course Carley infiltration into Linda Kennedy's camp for a short while and then the ultimate inifiltration of the soon to be Late, Great, Peter Kawaja, well, blood on their hands is the nicest phrase to describe the evil permeating from them and their kind.

And as for The LATE GREAT PETER KAWAJA? He rests in peace no matter what the PIGS have done, and continue to do. The Late Great Peter Kawaja fought the good fight, he ran the race, and he kept the faith. The Late Great Peter Kawaja called himself the "Walking Dead Man." He knew that his days were numbered for what he knew and what he had done to expose it. The Late Peter Kawaja even documented when the Florida government had their little workers video taping his every move on September 13, 2004. This was at the same time that the Black witch-doctor Rebecca Carley was discovered by Christian Attorney Linda Kennedy. Kennedy figured out that the black witch-doctor was another infiltrator sent by the "hanoi Joyce Riley camp vonKleist Riley.

Soon thereafter, The Black Witch-Doctor showed up on The Late Great Peter Kawaja's door and he disappeared. When Peter Kawaja reappeared several months later, The Late Great Peter FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. . . "ALLEGEDLY" STARTED DEFENDING HANOI JOYCE RILEY AND UNDOING EVERYTHING HE HAD accomplished in 15 years prior. It did not take long for many people to understand that this was not Peter Kawaja at all, and an investigation was ongoing and completed during this time, with subsequent follow-up as necessary. PETER KAWAJA WAS DEAD. The voice and video morphers in the Florida Government along with the Hanoi Joyce camp vonKleist Riley had struck again. But, before the Late Great Peter Kawaja died he also knew, that God would not let his work go to waste in spite of all the blacklisting, misdirection, and other deceit the government, globalists terrorists were up to. He knew that God would raise up others to carry the real torch of truth in spite of all this deceit, murder and mayhem that he witness and became target of.

Before he died, The Late Great Peter Kawaja said just that in his 12 hour video exposing the "Conspiracy to Cover-Up Peter Kawaja's Evidence," where he was exposing Hanoi Joyce Riley as a Mossad agent.

THANK YOU LATE, GREAT PETER KAWAJA for not having compromised your eye-witness account no matter how these PIGS tried to discredit you then, and misdirect us now.
You DID NOT STOP! We see!


  1. This is Joel Bales, the late great Dr. Boyd E. Graves' publisher, friend and activist. I have heard Dr. Graves' mention most all of those named above consistently. Especially Joyce Riley and Von Kliest. However, I am writing the author of this post to alert them that the website mentioned above expired Sept. 18, 2012. If possible, please alert the publishers of this website to this detail if they are not already aware and/or still alive. Thanks in advance! Joel Activist/Publisher

  2. Thanks so much for the update and the new link!

  3. How interesting a tale this is about the LGPK! I happen to know him, personally, for about 14 yrs and he is NOT dead...not at all! This tall tale (lie, fib) is the same pretty much, as he was "living" back in 1999-2001. This recou.ting of it leaves out the part where the gov murdered his wife, Carole, by injecting her with the Ebola virus, in So FL also.
    I still find it highly amusing that Peter, Habib, whatever pen name he is using currently, he continues to talk in the 3rd person AND calls himself "THE LATE GREAT Peter Kawaja". His delusions of grabdeur do not change much...only of facts that can be checked, like his "wife's" death.
    I'm not sure how his sister puts up with his mental health issues...most likely medication...hers or his. I am glad that he's moved on to South Florida and no longer lurks in the beautiful NC mountains! A huge relief!