Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Atmospheric Iionization and Chemtrailis

Received this today from Matt...

Hello Cathy:

Whenever I come across something new concerning chemtrails, I like to pass it along to you.

I've come across some interesting research concerning atmospheric ionization, and how it affects the composition of our atmosphere.

What some scientist are saying is that solar radiation causes molecules of CO2 to ionize into free oxygen and free carbon in our atmosphere. The carbon molecules are struck by solar radiation, breaking the C02 molecule into a carbon atom (which becomes condensation nuclei, attracting water, and forming rain) and oxygen atom, the oxygen remains free, or bonds with hydrogen turning into water. The hydrogen comes from the sun, expelled during solar storms, mass coronal ejections, etc. There is no free hydrogen in the atmosphere because it immediately bonds with oxygen turning into water.

Apparently, when the sun activity rises, and we have Mass Coronal Ejections, the sun ejects enormous amounts of matter, much of it hydrogen, which travels through space, and hits our planet. Hydrogen is not blocked by the magnetosphere the same way that metallic ions are. The hydrogen enters the atmosphere, forms with the oxygen to form water, which then condenses around the carbon molecules that were freed from the C02, when the C02 was ionized into carbon and oxygen.

The point I'm making is that when more C02 is produced on earth, we don't get a warmer planet, we get a wetter planet. The system is entirely self regulating. More C02 = more rain.

Now how do chemtrails figure into this? I believe that chemtrails spread out into a layer which effectively absorbs the solar radiation that causes the atmospheric ionization, and converts C02 to carbon and oxygen.

By spraying chemtrails, especially over cities, where most the C02 is emitted by humans, they block the sun's ability to neutralize the C02, by using barium to absorb the radiation that would normally be ionizing C02 thus fulfilling the increasing C02 theory they are pushing.

It irritates me that all the atmospheric modeling the "experts" use to determine atmospheric composition and behavior do not consider the effects of solar radiation.

It has been proven that when there is a mass coronal ejection, we can count on increased storms and rainfall. This is a fact. Where does that rain, where does that water come from? Are we supposed to believe that suddenly more water is evaporated from the earth? Now, the water comes from the hydrogen that was ejected from the sun. This is were the oceans came from. All the water in the oceans came from our sun!

The sun is the KEY. Carbon footprints, hocky sticks, global's all a bunch of crap.

blocking the sun with chemtrails is scary when you think that it can stop the sun from eliminating C02, creating rain, and clean air.


  1. China Lake crew....area 50.9999999January 6, 2011 at 10:00 PM

    Dumbest science project I've ever seen.........sun 'neutralizing' carbon? Huh, wha? Carbon, being an organic compound is found at low altitudinal elevations and escapes this mythical transformation suggested above.......carbon does create a blankie....and water vapor molecules 'can' readily cling, thus making things wetter...locally....other compounds, esp. sulfur tend to sink the carbon making moisture less available and creating dry zones (ever notice desrts have extensive sulfur deposits and not just post-oceanic deposits?). Send this fool...back to school!

  2. Sky and Telescope has excellent feature this month on exogenous water sources during Earth's development..........good science is paramount for validity, Cathy!