Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chemtrails Over Russia

Received today the following email and photos. Looks like chemtrails and man-made 'clouds' to me!


To me it looks like that globalists execute their global chemtrails program also here, in Russia.

People in the region nearby Moscow's biggest airport, named Domodedovo, began suspect that something wrong was going wrong here, in a place named Aviagorodok, situated several miles of Domodedove airport. This wrong was somehow associated with planes and helicopters
flying over heads of local citizens because after each such massive and unusual flights suspicious epidemics of some unusual illness started. It has been being happened for several past years already. Note that regular planes have their ways established outside the Aviagorodok.

Last incident: this January 2011 the local people were waken up suddenly at deep night by noise of helicopters engines. These helicopters were flying over and over the place for quite a long time. During the week that followed the epidemics of flu like illness suddenly started. On January 25. 2011, both local schools got closed because of the epidemics.

Today, on January 25. 2011, I took two pictures of the sky here in aviagorodok (attached) with my cell phone (2 megapixels).

To your opinion, is the sky in the pictures looks right or it may be chemtrais similar to those seen in the California and in other places over the globe?


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And here's a couple of vids I found of chemtrails over Russia


  1. Nice Russia too ? lots today in Indian River county,

  2. I dont think Russia is getting sprayed at all. But what we are seeing is real. The spraying is going on in all NATO countries, that is the cloak that allows this coordinated operation to gets its job done. The jet stream is carrying these particulates into Russia. Putin is def. anti New World Order. They know it is for HAARP too, see the 2002 DUMA HAARP Report.