Sunday, January 23, 2011

Man-Made Clouds

January geoengineering report
Redding, California
By Doug Craig
Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little late on getting this posted but better late than never. This is for those who like to look up and comment on what they see and why.

I noticed coming into work this morning all the "clouds" (planes had been busy all night it looks like) to the East and the two stripes to the West (planes just getting started on that section of sky).

And I started thinking of 2006 when my friend Dane got started on the chem-trail issue and I thought he had stepped too far over the cliff. One thing made sense then and now and most of us can agree on this point. When I was a kid there were no such thing as man-made clouds. Now they are a daily reality but no one thinks about it.

We can have a clear blue sky like today should have been and then the planes start flying or as my wife says, the spraying begins. And before you know it those semi-permanent "contrails" spread out across the sky. They are not natural clouds but there they are and no one thinks about them.

My friend thinks about them because most of his power comes from his panels on his roof. But once the planes start flying, his energy production plummets.

Two days ago I noticed the two kinds of trails in the sky at the same time. One trail was like a pencil line of white against that deep pretty blue and it disappeared within seconds. The other trail was fat and wide like someone had half-dipped a brush in a can of white paint and lazily spread it across a wall of blue sky. Same sky, same moment, same meteorological conditions, one contrail wisping out of sight and one flattening and spreading out for hours. How does that work?
I am not saying it is intentional spraying by the government like some claim because I cannot prove that. But what is going on? This morning I could clearly see how the planes had been flying for hours and how their "clouds" were covering a huge quadrant of the sky. It didn't used to be that way and I wonder why.

Sunday Carl Bott and I talked about this issue. He is highly skeptical that anyone is intentionally spraying us and I admitted I cannot prove it is true. I like things that can be scientifically proven and this issue is elusive. I don't have evidence that would convince a jury but others might. But there is something going on when some trails stay and some trails go away. They must be made of different stuff, right?

And there have been numerous air, soil and water tests that show toxic levels of aluminum and other metals. Wherever they come from, that should concern us all, should it not?


January 20, 2011 7:47 PM

Nothing mysterious about condensation trails. They form based on atmospheric conditions effected by dew point, wind, temp. humidity and pressure. Although the planes are flying by every day, they do not form contrails everyday. From the ground you cannot tell but the planes are flying at altitudes thousands of feet apart from one another. The atmospheric conditions can be very different at differing altitudes which is why some contrails are different from others. If anyone suspected a chemical was being sprayed it would be simple to fly into a "chemtrail" and take a sample. My guess is the high levels of metals in soil and water samples are from our polluting asian neighbors up the jet stream from us.


January 21, 2011 5:09 AM

DOUG, I have told you in the past about the Citizens of Mount Shasta taking there own time and money to have air quality tests done in there region! The report concluded that high amounts of Barium and Aluminum Dioxide were 7 times there acceptable limits! Secondly there is already proof and admission of guilt on behalf of the Army Corps of Engineers that in 1958 they sprayed pretty much the entire US with Cadmium and Barium...Google Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage) and you will see im not making this up!


January 21, 2011 9:04 AM


According to state conducted tests of the pollution on Mt. Lassen and surrounding local sites they have concluded our pollution is not coming from China or Asia. I have not seen these tests but possibly some other readers can provide a link. Our local health officials have been provided the findings of citizen conducted tests revealing wide spread aluminum/barium contamination. The board head Russ Mull concluded the problem is a state issue and citing cost as a main reason, decided local health officials will not get involved. The tests cost about $20 each and are conducted by Basic Labs of Redding. I think we should form a citizen group overseen by an individual of mutual trust and begin open and wide testing of our entire Northern California region in order to get a bigger picture of existing contamination levels and force our government to answer our questions.


January 21, 2011 10:54 AM
Jay Fox

Another factor that may contribute to the spreading of some contrails would be the amount of particulates spewed by some jet engines. Properly tuned engines, newer ones especially, are very clean burning.

Water vapor likes to cling to stuff and readily grabs soot particles spewed from dirty engines. In such a state, water droplets do not readily go back to vapor. There is a weak electrical bond holding the water to the particle. These particle/droplet pairs can persist for a very long time.

For this "conspiracy" to be true, something (barium, aluminum, etc.) would have to be added to the jet fuel. It would then be pumped through the engines and shot out the back.

These metals are not normally associated with jet fuel, so someone, somewhere must be adding them to jet fuel.

Some questions for the conspiracy thoerist:

Can you identify which airports these planes are coming from?

If you know which airports, shouldn't it follow that all planes that refueled there should leave a trail? Do they?

Can you show where and when these additives are added to jet fuel? By whom? Under who's authority?

They did a lot of foolish stuff back in the day. That in itself doesn't mean they're still doing it. And it was learned, back then, that if something is put in the atmosphere a certain way, it comes down everywhere. Blanket coatings of certain metals could have come from anywhere. Just because a jet leaves a contrail doesn't mean the stuff you find on the ground came from a jet.


January 21, 2011 11:23 AM

"They did a lot of foolish stuff back in the day. That in itself doesn't mean they're still doing it"

I would have to disagree that the powers above us are any less "foolish" that sometime in the past. Never before has the power of money taken complete priority over reason and logic as we witness today. Some top decision makers propose doing exactly what the conspiracy theorists claim is already happening, geoengineering our climate by creating a relfective blanket of particulate matter, aluminum being the most effective substance, to reflect heat back into space. Of course such a convenient "solution" would allow us to continue polluting our planet freely, so the theory goes.

I agree with Dr. Craig in that "chemtrails" so far have been unprovable at the scientific level but by the intense alteration of our every day weather by these artificial clouds, I agree that something is not right and we certainly are being bombed with chemicals or pollutants that are not good for us.

As usual the "conspiracy" aspect of this issue takes attention away from the fact of wide spread contamination of our water sheds, our personal environments and our bodies.

This an issue for our local health officials to take up they are in the position of looking out for public health. First officially document the contamination and work back from there.


January 22, 2011 8:10 PM
Cindy Pikoulas

I too watch the planes destroy the sky on a daily basis. Citizens all over the country have tested their rain and snow only to find high levels of metals. However, there are other things being found in the rain and snow samples: wiry-like materials that grow and move. Please sample your water and look under a microscope. What you see may alarm you even more that the high levels of metals, if that is possible. Then, wait a week and see how they've grown. Check out my site under morgellons and you'll see pictures of these "beings" from NY. Then check out for a thorough scientific explanation of what is being found in people and all over the planet.
Cindy Pikoulas


  1. Received a lot of hits today .hoping you did too . trying to get a friend from Texas to start a Texas Skywatch too , Hoping my congressman will also contact me now and help , Bill Posey is a good man . we will see . and thank you for inspiring me to start a blog . We will wake a few people I hope .

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  6. I also have noticed alot of activity in our redding sky. Living here for only 6 years, i have noticed this gradual activity exceeding more and more each day. I began to wonder why some trails left behind by passing planes seemed to not move, or when they would very very slowly. Other planes passing disappeared along with their trails. So I became curious to google what it might be and stumbled upon this site. I have my theories about this but I will keep them to myself until I do a little more research. But thank you for posting this.