Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are the Skies Friendly Anymore?

Update from SoCal...

"Could be wrong, but never saw this many engines on an AA (and flown them several times?)"

" Million Air (no kidding...that's the name) in San the friendly skies?"

Subject: national sacrifice area
Cathy, noticed with National Weather Service site today is that southern Arizona has air quality alert; yesterday, your maps (modis) quite clearly demonstrated hundreds of trails blown east from Cal to there........any wonder? Do you send any of this/these pics/info to EPA or Cal AQMD????????????? Agencies are legally required to respond (especially, if certified letter sent)///////////////////////////////////////

No, I haven't sent any pics/info anywhere. I just make them available for others see/use/copy/send/etc. From what I've read, those who have made contact with appropriate agencies are initially acknowledged but eventually ignored. Obviously, those in charge are stonewalling any effort to expose this ongoing problem.

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