Monday, December 27, 2010

Comment on Chemtrails

Found this comment on chemtrails insightful:

What it comes right down to is survival

by AntiPoA21
December 6, 2010

-There are those who are unaware and will parish. (Far too many, thanks to the actions of mainstream media and government)
-There are those who are in denial and will parish. (Sometimes mistakenly accused of being members of the following group and will probably not clue in in time.)
-There are those (debunkers or cointelpro's) who are in the know, and are hard at work to dis-inform others so that the evil they have chosen remains unquestioned. (Their judgment day will arrive sooner than they may wish. Anonymity of the keyboard does not carry over to public talks very well, does it?)
-There are those who will investigate and take measures regarding limited exposure and risk mitigation methods. (They may survive, but under what cost to their freedoms?)
-and finally, There are those who will stand up and speak out, cast aside fears of being persecuted. These are the ones that can make a difference; for themselves, their loved ones as well as on behalf of the unaware innocent.

What camp do you belong to?

From my research on this subject I have found a myriad of groups involved and many co-opting agendas at play that all come together under this one, decades long event.

It is quite astounding how something this big could be so well insulated from public scrutiny for so long. What is even more embarrassing is that we are all guilty of funding these agendas through taxation and allowing our own monies to go unchecked towards these black operations and the international collectivist NGO's that compartmentalize in order to cap their own employees, keeping them out of knowledge circle of the bigger picture. - Just doin' my job sir!

Most of these internationalists, many in politics, many from scientific communities and a smaller group of wealthy, intend on destroying freedom and firmly believe that they are the chosen ones.

Through the Malthusian beliefs they are true to Darwin - the only twist that is thrown in is that through technology, survival will be determined by something other than natural selection.
It will not be by war or genocide, by firing squad with mass graves. A bullet to the face would be too blatant, a war - too accountable and too inefficient at achieving the 80% decline in global population. (80% seems to be the universally accepted goal among these groups.)

However, the common man will accept and continue on if their loved ones succumb to cancer, heart disease, respiratory failure, Alzheimer's, sterility or a pandemic. Hard to trace, yes? and what common man keeps count of mortality rates and epidemiology studies?

Why are public officials literally running away when confronted about geoengineering then? It is long overdue to gather solid evidence and expose this to the masses.

I am very much looking forward to the results of "project twitcher" in which direct in flight plume samples will cause "dead air" with a great many of the online debunkers.

A special thanks goes out to all who stand up and speak out against this obvious evil that is continuing. My advice is to ignore and not respond to the critics and debunkers - their voice is getting weaker with every person that becomes aware.


  1. I can’t believe there are still some ppl that are defending the government and saying that there is no such thing and that what everyone is seeing are simply contrails. That would be a totally plausible explanation if there wasn’t already leaked gov documents outlining how and why they are spraying chemtrails over the air (this does a pretty good job of explaining it.) It’s called the HAARP project, and is built on the concepts of radio frequency radiation that Tesla was getting into before he died/was killed. Apparently, what the planes are releasing are barium salts, which (with the help of microwave energy) can manipulate anything from the weather to varying life forms in the environment. This is also most likely the reason why certain species of birds and fish have been dying recently. If you see planes making a criss coss pattern or contrails that linger for half a day or so when in relatively dry environments, you’re most likely witnessing chemtrails being dispersed. My friend lives in Arizona where it’s extremely dry year around, and just last month he caught a pic on his home security camera a group of planes making a crosshatch type formation (home security chemtrails pics).

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes, there are some folks still defending the government & denying chemtrails. BUT, there are also lots of disinfo agents on the internet pretending/lying/misleading as well, so don't be discouraged because in time, the Truth will prevail!