Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chemtrails Over Winter Park, Florida (March 2008)

Video was taken in Winter Park Florida on 3/27/08, between the afternoon hours of 5:30 and 6:30.

These chemtrails belong to the Department of Energy's, Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program (ARM).

The Department of Energy's National Laboratories that are taking part in this ongoing crime against humanity are as follows:

1. Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne IL)
2. Brookhaven National Laboratory (Upton, N.Y)
3. Lawrence Berkeley 'NL' (Berkeley, CA)
4. Lawrence Livermore 'NL'(Livermore, CA)
5. Los Alamos 'NL' (Los Alamos, NM)
6. National Renewable Energy Lab (Golden CO)
7. National Renewable Energy Lab Resource Data Center
8. National Renewable Energy Solar Radiation Research Lab
9. Oak Ridge 'NL' (Oakridge, TN)
10. Pacific Northwest 'NL' (Richland, WA)
11. Sandia 'NL' (Albuquerque, NM)

Some other agencies that are working with the Department of Energy's ARM program are:

12. Air Force Phillips Laboratory (Hanscom AFB, MA)
13. Illinois State Water Survey
14. NASA- Ames Research Center (Moffett Field, CA)
15. NASA- Earth Observing System (EOS) Project Science Office (Maryland)
16. NASA- Goddard Institute For Space Studies (NYC)
17. NASA- Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt MD)
18. NASA- Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena CA)
19. NASA- Langley Research Center (Hampton VA)
20. National Center For Atmospheric Research
21. NSSL- National Severe Storms Laboratory (Norman, OK)
22. Naval Research Laboratory
23. North Slope Borough Government (AK)
24. NOAA- Aeronomy Laboratory (Boulder CO)
25. NOAA- Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Lab (Oakridge TN)
26. NOAA- Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory (Boulder CO)
27. NOAA- Environmental Technology Laboratory (Boulder CO)
28. NOAA- Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab (Princeton NJ)
29. NOAA- National Center For Environmental Prediction (Camp Spring MD)
30. NOAA- National Environmental Satellite Data And Information (Washington D.C)
31. National Marine Fisheries Service
32. NOAA- Office Of Global Programs (Silver Springs MD)
33. NOAA- Surface Radiation Research Branch (Boulder CO) (SRRB)
34. Atmospheric And Environmental Research Inc. (Cambridge MA)
35. General Atomics- (San Diego, CA)
36. Greenwood Group (Ponca OK)
37. Mission Research Corp. (Santa Barbara CA)
38. SeaSpace Corp. (San Diego CA)

International Collaborators:

39. Vaisala- (Finland)
40. Airborne Research Australia (Flinders University, Adelaide South Australia
41. CSIRO- Division Of Atmospheric Research (Victoria Australia)
42. Bureau Of Meteorology Melbourne, Victoria Australia)
43. Canada Center For Remote Sensing (Ottawa Ontario)
44. Dalhousie University (Halifax Canada)
45. McGill University (Montreal Canada)
46. Meteorological Service of Canada (Downsview Ontario)
47. University Of British Columbia (Vancouver Canada)
48. Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique (France)
49. Japan Marine Science Technology Center (Japan)
50. National Institute Of Polar Research (Japan)
51. CLARA- Clouds and Radiation Study (Netherlands, Papua New Guinea)
52. Central Aerological Observatory (Russia)
53. Institute For Atmospheric Optics (Tomsk Russia)
54. Institute For Atmospheric Physics (Moscow Russia)
55. European Centre For Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (Reading UK)
56. Hadley Centre For Climate Prediction (UK)

Universities that are involved:

57. Boston University (Boston MA)
58. Clark Atlanta University (Atlanta GA)
59. Colorado State University (Fort Collins CO)
60. Columbia University (Lamont- Doherty Earth Observatory) Palisades NY
61. Desert Research Institute (Reno NV)
62. Florida State University (Tallahassee FL)
63. Georgia Institute Of Technology (Atlanta Ga)
64. Harvard- Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics (Cambridge MA)
65. Pennsylvania State University (University Park PA)
66. Meteorology Department (Rutgers University) NJ
67. State University of New York At Albany (Albany NY)
68. Atmospheric Sciences Research Center- State University of New York At Stony
Brook (Stony Brook NY)
69. Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken NJ)
70. University of Alaska (Fairbanks AK)
71. University of California, Los Angeles
72. University of California, San Diego
73. Scripps Institution Of Oceanography (La Jolla CA)
74. Scripps Institution Of Oceanography Climate Research Division
75. University Of California, Santa Barbara


  1. vero beach fl 1-9-11 1-12-11 heavy chemtrails in our area , cant get any answers , been sick restpitory problems .connected ?