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Redding Poster Talks About Chemtrails

Aluminum in our skies?

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I first heard of chemical trails or chemtrails in 2005. At first I was confused. A friend sent me an e-mail that suggested that airplanes were deliberately releasing chemicals or metals into our atmosphere.

"Absurd," I thought. Completely absurd, insane and ridiculous. I was incredulous. I did not believe it. Not for a minute. Furthermore, I was deeply uncomfortable that people I knew, people I considered to be intelligent and reasonable, would believe such a thing.

At first I ignored the whole deal. I would read the e-mails as they came across but I chose to not respond. I noticed certain ones, a tiny minority at first, were true believers. Others were openly skeptical and would respond with polite but persistent questions. They had their doubts like me and voiced them. Fairly respectful on-line arguments ensued. I observed this from a detached perspective, not really caring. "Whatever," I thought.

Eventually as the months passed, I opened my mind enough to accept that it might be possible but "so what?" I mean, maybe the government or the military or corporations or all three were filling tanks with chemicals and metals and spraying us like bugs from airplanes high in the sky above us but until I had scientific proof or evidence that could convince a skeptical jury, who cares?

By then it was the spring of 2006. I had just stood up before the Redding City Council and asked them to acknowledge what the world-wide scientific community recognized by then, along with hundreds of American cities, that global warming was real and human-caused. I had been shot down. Humiliated. Disgraced. I wasn't about to step forward again in such a public forum with so flimsy an issue as chemtrails. No way. My skin is way too thin.

In 2007, though, the whole business changed as real evidence of the possible "crime" was produced. Legitimate, laboratory results were obtained revealing astounding, toxic levels of aluminum and barium in our local air, water and soil. Repeatedly from a variety of sources in Northern California. This was not right. It disturbed me. Now I was uncomfortable for a different reason.

My scientific brain has to make sense of what it receives or perceives. "So," I thought, "if there are toxic levels of aluminum and barium in our air, soil and water, where did they come from?"

The only possible source is our atmosphere. Where else? There is no other possible means of delivery but through the air. And for these toxins to find themselves in our atmosphere, the laws of physics require a cause. What natural cause could there be? Anyone? I don't know of a natural cause. Do you?

And so for the first time, I accepted the possibility that the presence of these metals was the result of deliberate atmospheric distribution from airplanes. I don't want this to be true. I am not even saying it is true. But until a hypothesis is disproved, it remains plausible, right?

Then I began to look up more frequently and notice oddities, peculiarities, and puzzles that I had previously ignored. I grew up in the 60's and remember lying on my green lawn, gazing up at the blue bowl of sky on a lazy summer day while watching the jets fly overhead. I remember their white tails or vapor trails, what some call condensation trails or contrails, that thin white line that streams out behind a plane, briefly existing before it erases itself from view. Like steam from a tea kettle, it's whitish cloud disperses and dies in the surrounding air. The sky remained that deep beautiful blue we all remember.

I still see contrails these days but more often I see another type of trail that remains for hours and spreads out across the sky, blotting out the blue. These man-made clouds are now a frequent fact in our common sky but they are a relatively new phenomenon.

The more I looked up, the more I began to notice how two planes in the same sky at the same moment could have two different trails. One was the "old-fashioned" contrail that vaporized almost instantly upon creation while at the same time a different plane nearby would create that more "permanent" stream of sky-obscuring fog. Other trails seems to stop and start as the jet streamed across the sky.

I also noticed that some days seemed to be "spray days" while on other days it appeared as if these planes took the day off. This summer, for example, most observers noted that all spraying stopped for several weeks. And then, as if by command, one day they were all back. Looking up, I could see long, parallel lines stretching from one horizon to the next, followed by the perpendicular cross-hatch pattern. Eventually the "clouds" all converged and sky turned a milky gray. Not at all natural and not at all noticed.

Soon, I learned more disturbing evidence was being discovered, not in our sky but in our soil. While I know very little about soil, I am told it should be acidic and that in recent years Ph levels are becoming more alkaline. Again, we must ask why? I am told that when aluminum is added to our soils, it reduces its acidity. Whatever the cause, should we not be concerned?

We also know that the US has issued patents to Monsanto for aluminum-resistant seeds. Why? And there is abundant evidence that patents have been issued for atmospheric aerosol injection procedures (the production of geoengineering chemtrails)
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and here (

So what does it all mean? I don't have any answers. I really don't. I can't prove that these airplanes are part of some scientific geoengineering program.

No, my recommendation is that we see ourselves as members of some great Grand Jury. Collectively, we need to review all the evidence and ask why air, soil and water samples reveal toxic levels of aluminum and barium. Why is the Ph of our soils changing? What is the purpose of these patents? Will scientists begin to call for public experimentation or has the experiment on the public already begun?

And if any of this interests you, you may want to come see a documentary film being shown at the McLaughlin Auditorium at Sequoia Middle School on Friday, December 3rd at 6 p.m. called "What in the World are They Spraying?" After the showing, Michael Murphy, who produced the film, will be on hand to lead a public discussion of this important issue.


  1. Hello , i am a new york chemtrail watcher and what very few websites seem to mention are the serious health effects of heavy chemtrail spraying. As an allergic asthmatic (used to be seasonal) now with the spraying i have very nasty near death asthma attacks which i never had before not to mention the brochitis and pneumonia like illness I have come down with the last couple of years. all of this nevr hsppened before the chemtrail spraying. I have other people say they have had the same problems at the same time (along with other family members)as i and who never had these type of symptoms before.

    I wonder how many people have died and are getting progressivly sicker wjth this non stop spraying. her they seem to also be sraying as a psyop. even on "nospray" days you can see little short chems that they have sprayed which perform as reg chemtrails. this I believe to make people think it is "normal"

    thanks al

  2. They are spraying all over Redding, California and surrounding areas. The air force should be ashamed and if they truly believe this won't affect them or the elites or their children, they are dead wrong. This affects the whole world and all of the people, animals and life that lives here. This needs to be exposed everywhere and we need to stop it. I never had asthma until I moved to this area the way that I have, I have never been this sick in my life and truly I feel that it has a lot to do with the environment and the manipulation of the atmosphere and what is being dropped on the people. Perhaps we can get some private jets going above the chemtrailers and drop a few diseases on their heads. I am sick of this. What goes around will come around.