Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Ringing Has Started...

"Did you notice the burst near Monroe La. at 4,5,6 am? Funny, I look out the window and it appears a nice partly cloudy warm day. Yet the weather forecast is now for tornadoes, 60 mph winds with up to two inch hail. Tonight and tomorrow this soup up here is suppose to drop like a cannon ball down to the south just west of you, near that burst in Monroe, La. Then move East toward you Friday night (following those pre Terra cloud that you photoed). Maybe we should start predicting the 'weather by the rings'?"


"Snow and mix have entered the Ks Western border with blizzard like winds in excess of 60mph. Here in Hays under severe weather and tornado watch. Just weird crazy Oz weather."



  1. If you look at the sky right now in St. Augustine Florida it is filled with criss-crossing pluming chem-trails. It's absolutely obvious that they are chem-trails. I look at the sky all the time and jets do not normally leave any kind of trail. Just a little behind them as the pass and a few seconds later it goes completely away. The trails that are being left today by the jets not only are not going away, but they are getting bigger and bigger spreading into huge plumes.
    How can anyone argue that is normal?! I see these trails every few weeks in the sky here and it makes me so sad.

  2. Very active in Vero today the most Ive seen in a while and pretty rainbow clouds :)

  3. I agree with you about Saint Augustine..I have seen them on many occasions and have taken pictures. The planes are taking off from the local airport there and I dont know about you but I few people that I know and me as well have skin problems now from it. My son is constantly sick and its getting rediculous. I am considering moving because of it. Why doesnt anyone else notice this??