Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking Beyond the Chemtrails

Until further notice, I will not post any more on this blog.

My focus has been too much on chemtrails and it needs to be on my Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ Who is my hope and my life.

"Thou wilt keep [him] in perfect peace, [whose] mind [is] stayed [on thee]: because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:3

Standing Between the Living and the Dead


MAY 23, 2011 UPDATE


  1. I understand totally , god bless

  2. Amen, I understand completely and wouldn't even be posting this but it was so close to home and I was dumbfounded when I saw the topics. If anyone IS in the Orlando area in October:

    TOPICS American Association for Aerosol Research 30th Annual Conference Florida Oct 3-7 2011:
    - Nanotoxicology
    - Microscopy and Other Single-Particle Techniques
    - Disparities in Aerosol Health Effects for Susceptible Populations
    - Recent Campaigns in the North American West Coast
    - Aerosols and Precipitation
    - Chemical and Biological Defense Hazard Assessment

  3. thanks for the info Anonymous !


  5. This is from Dutchsinse site : dutchsinse deepest aplogies to anyone upset with me.. I won’t be around for a while.. upsetting developments have occurred— im coming to figure out that video making about the “real truth” is NOT worth the pain caused in “real life”.
    (51 minutes ago)


  7. Cathy I hope all is well with you . Just curious if you ever heard of this guy ? talks about end times chemtrails ect . take care and God Bless

  8. All is very good, thanks for asking! I hope you are doing well too.

    No, have not heard of John Leary. At his website where he tells us he is Roman Catholic which I am not. Nevertheless, may we each come to know the Truth and walk in it I pray.

    Happy Trails and blessings to you!


    PS Having fun taking photos and here are a few:

    1. He talks about chemtrails which I found strange and global government , sounded strange from a RC . If you look at some of his post they get pretty deep into the conspiracy . or better yet just enjoy life :) blessings to you too .

    2. Read a bit of his work. I see he continually writes that Jesus is telling him all these things. Really? How do we know that's true? How does he know it is Jesus talking to him and not a deceptive devil pretending to be Jesus?

      This to me is a red flag.

      2 Corinthians 11 tells us that Satan is transfomred into an angel of light and his ministers also are transformed as the ministers of righteousness.

      I used to be into the whole prophetic thing big time until I came to realize that much of it was nonsense and I had been deceived. Thus my great caution in this matter and preference to avoid anything that may mislead me.

      So that's my 2 cents.

      May the Truth be revealed, may the lies be exposed, may the deceived wakeup, may the sinner repent, may the lost get saved and may the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified is my prayer.


  9. makes sense . too many deceivers . :)