Friday, April 15, 2011

Midwest Storms

From Kansas: "Take not of the ringing in the surrounding states again. WE HAVE SEEN TORNADOES (f1) COMBINED WITH SNOW. In the attached pic looks like a Snowacane"

This map was from about 10pm last night.


  1. Muncheiussen Mike from VandenburgApril 15, 2011 at 5:10 PM

    Sop....stop..I'm going blind....rather than delete anyone you don't agree with, really, really, demonstrate in ANY peer reviewed paper,the concept of......RINGS! That elliptical shape is no more than a low pressure system (you can go to NWS and see sequence)with perurbations. Where you're really doing a disservice to the real skinny goin on is constantly throwing HARP, rings on what really is radical changing temperature along Sierra Madre (sky island west of Monterrey, Mexico burning on your modis-map today) and the real role of CO2 in growing seasons, polllinator-migrating season........stop the speculation and stay legitimate.......kinda'.....again, have the spiritual strength to NOT delete, but intelligently respond.

  2. Will be glad to take point with you sir. Fifteen years ago, if I saw such per radar returns and of one or two instances I would take to agree with you. Yet that was 15 years ago. I take you are misreading the actual notations of the areas we are referring to prior to the conception of the rotating low pressure system, or I failed to convey that we have been talking about the abnormal spots of measel like returns prior to any weather fronts or model listings. I will however show speculation to follow the answer to the quest I ask now. How many twisters of sleet, snow and hail have you seen in your lifetime. During this lat night we saw four here in the "Land of Oz". Should you want to amend a discussion instead of making of such a rant on some one else blog, check Cathy's index for Billy"s Update or contact me via email

    mntxpsmntxps or mntxps_mntxps for yahoo or hotmail

    Billy Hayes

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