Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weather Ring

"Weatheronline dot com, I spotted this huge ring over Virginia, N Carolina and South Carolina April 15 2011 4:30 pm. I suppose there will be a big tornado in the center of North Carolina, we shall see!"




  1. Comment from Billy:

    Ref., Huge Ring near Land Hurricane:

    Circle diameter 250 miles, radius 150, center is the site of shared radar site for WFMY2 and WTVD11. As I put up the WFMY tower just north of Greensboro ( a 1,878 ft tower) I am privy to contact with tech and general manager there. Larry Audos, GM. said the tech told him is was a problem with the sharing station trying to switch ranges from the 200 mile range to 500 mile range, the change in PRF ( pulse recurrence frequency) and PRW (pulse recurrence width) caused the Klystron (radar transmitter output tube) to spike from combined PRF's at the same split second. This made a pinwheel effect seen on the radar returns. On this one, I must agree that it is a range change oscillation, yet it is a ringing of sorts but this time not a HAARPing ringing.

  2. Al Kelley.....Real Scientist at USFWSMay 10, 2011 at 5:33 PM

    Cathy.........hope you got Matt's post; the explanation is simple enough. NWS Doppler have stations that sonically monitor (that would be 360 degrees and not HAARP or anything other than simple radar)and are used to track bird migration; the 'ringing' is the result of stations NOT overlapping; if you look at the history of these, they're during spring migration and their all on standard migratory routes!............Billy is a real simpleton and just clueless to science and spiritual well-being with his paranoia.....stay credible...........