Friday, April 1, 2011

"Do these insane people realize that they too live on this planet!"

Chemtrails have consent of major governments

By G. Manners, The Citizen April 1, 2011

Regarding the letter from G. Masuda [Citizen, March 23] about the contrails seen high above us, who has caused them, what effect is it having on the soil of our planet?

Could it be that chemical companies, who are tight-lipped about this, is doing so under the guise of "global warming'' while these falling chemicals are changing the soil Ph?

Do these insane people realize that they too live on this planet!

Who rents the tanker planes to them, who supplies the aviation fuel, what companies service these planes and where is this service carried out for them to do such nefarious deeds?

It has to be with the consent of major governments. If it is so benign why the total secrecy? Also the lack of comment by our tight-lipped Canadian government in Ottawa.

As we can see, our climate is not a bit as it was some 10 years ago.

G. Manners

Cowichan Bay


  1. RE: "Do these insane people realize that they too live on this planet!"

    Yes they do, but that is why THEY have supposedly made underground living quarters or "even another planet" for the "elite" which, if true, is quite humorous. Can you imagine a bunch of power hungry arrogant no-morals group of elitists actually "living together"? Would make for a GREAT "sit-com turned drama that would eventually turn in to murder-mystery" don't you think?

  2. Colonel S. Hadnot.......SOAApril 2, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    'Supposedly'.....'allegedly' all need to Terrence Mckenna's treatise on conspiracy..........what one has ever been pulled off? There is absolutely NO power or evidence in your drivel and enables you to remain powerless....your downfall is indicting the wrong party, geting the shit sued out of you for libel, then ,we can really move this planet forward.........