Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rainbow in Chemtrail Clouds Today Over Panama City Beach, FL

It was high noon and the sky was a milky white from fake chem clouds when I noticed the rainbow colors.


  1. Had them here today also . chemtrails over the ocean blew in later in the day

  2. spoke to airline pilot today about whats up with the skies lately . he tried to explain it to me but failed . not sure if he really didnt know or knew something and really couldnt say . when I started talking about fuel additives he said he wasnt sure but would look into it. also called the florida DEP yesterday and spoke to someone about yesterday skies . She gave me her email so I sent her some info. Im quite sure I wont here from her . Told her I was going to send her a PDF file about Geoengineering by Royal Society but noticed the site with the file had scrubbed the page with the aircraft plumes ? I still have a printed copy . If I disappear all of a sudden keep up the good work.

  3. lol... yeah and if I disappear... well... g'bye ya'll & I hope we meet up again with Jesus in heaven!