Friday, April 8, 2011

Engineered Weather in a Nutshell

C. Is that a blue haarp ring over Kansas?

B. Yes it sure is, so is California, N.M. and Utah. Note the difference compared to New England.

It is now 7:05 PM. The N/W quadrant of the HAARP ring in your posting earlier has now broke out into tornadoes and flat line winds with danger warnings posted.

So you may see the ring implication at work , I made the following for you:

C. wow... thanks! So please explain what these little green/blue dots are. Radar towers/stations? The looked measles or chicenkpox! Yet in some areas there are none. The southeast has them all the time is seems, almost equally spaced apart. What does haarp do? what is the connection to the dots?

B. The measles pockets are EMP initiators were energized in and on chem clouds of trails setting up the barium/aluminum fragments and nano dust. This makes the energized portion of the clouds relative with the HAARP and other selected RF signals. Therefore creating a control of that cloud system. Different combinations of signals do different things to different portions of the cloud mass. Result is the temperature changes and the end results become visible as weather fronts and terrible storms. Hence ...engineered weather.



April 9, 2011 UPDATE

B. This is the final look at yesterday's ringing storm as it finally moves out of the area. Note how all other weather surrounding this mass just lingered in position for near 8 hrs.

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