Monday, April 25, 2011

Commercial Jets Chemtrailing Over Las Vegas

Received the following email today:


Chemtrail Flights Busted Part 2 is now available on YouTube

On 4-21-2011 the Las Vegas area got hit hard by planes chemtrailing from all
directions. I shot over two hours of video and over 200 photos of these
planes. I've been able to identify 42 commercial jets doing the
chemtrailing and am working on YouTube videos at this point. I'll let you
know when these are posted.

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"Chemtrail flights over the Las Vegas area for 3-30-2011 are identified. These flights are regular commercial flights carrying passengers and chemtrailing as they enter the Las Vegas air space."

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  1. Dear Cathy and fellow readers, I am a bit concerned that the public viewers of the Las Vagas "Chemtrails" video may be misinformed on what they are seeing here. The scientic perspective would indicate this video is a very nice documentation of high flying commercial transport operations.. and nothing more. Although I am open-minded to the chemtrail situation, we need much much more documentation and testimony to make any valid argument. Scientifically there is nothing we can do at this point to stop contrails from being created in modern aircraft. It is very simple, very hot engines, very cold air produce condensation. I do not in any way see how scientifically we can tell if there are chemicals in the vapor you see from aircraft. I am very interested in this topic and would love to see some solid evidence (paper trail) pointing to this procedure. Pictures and video of flying aircraft at "Marking Altitudes" are not enough. We have proven so far that aircraft [can possibly] make white lines in the sky. Now if we can actually sample the white lines for chemical makeup (other than H2O and CO2) we can draw a conclusion on if this phenomenon is activaly happening. Please see my commentary with Cathy on this page:

    Thank you all for your time and I welcome any comments.