Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anomaly in the Oklahoma Sky

Phil sent the above photo and wrote:

Here's a pic of an anomaly I saw in the sky, you can put it up on your site, for ppl to see.

I cannot explain it, only it was moving across the sky at a pretty good clip, and there WERE plenty of planes spraying that day, too . . . it looks like what I've seen called a "hole punch" cloud, but there is a twirling shaft of particulate mater, that did the "punching" . . .

See for yourself . . . I got a sequence of 15 or 16 pics of it, but this one is the most representative of the "phenomenon" I saw that day . . . strange, eh? Never saw anything like that up high, but, I've seen a few smaller ones since then . . .

Post it and see what ppl say, I dunno what it was, I just know what I saw, and took pics of.

Thnx agin,


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