Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chemtrails Over Tampa Today

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At least Libya has a chance at a "no-fly zone" and possibly some fresh air.........anyway these photos are from over Tampa Bay - Gulf of Mexico about 2 hours ago - March 2, 2011.
And scientists are "shocked" that Dolphins are dying? Seriously?
If that's really true, maybe the ones who are shocked should get a refund for whatever degrees they hold or at least some simple eye glasses.
This has gone on long enough and I sure didn't live in what seems like a "military zone" now less than a year ago either.
Keep the Faith and have a good night all!



  2. Great pics... the Treasure Coast... yes?

  3. I live in Bartow, Fl. Yesterday, we got pummeled by these strange spider web type filaments along with what appeared to be cottonwood seeds or something. My pool is covered with white puffy things, they were everywhere. Today, the sky is filled with chemtrails, right at sunrise, they haven't stoped!

  4. Can you photograph this stuff and maybe take a sample to be tested? Yuck!!!

  5. I took over 20 pics from 3/14 in Brandon, FL. We had chemtrails everywhere. Will email them in. Can you test the cottonwood seeds (?) in your pool to see what they are? Has anyone ever taken air samples of these chemtrails or any residue? This is too much and to think our congressmen and women will do something to research or stop it is a joke, They don't do anything productive. It's up to the citizens to find credible scientists or labs to test the chemtrails and help resolve where this is coming from, if the plane is leaving the residue, whose plane is it? Who is flying, what is the chemical? Can't we track who the planes belong to?

  6. I can post your photos here, you can post them on Facebook (link on the side) and/or you can start your own free and easy blog.

    Lots of folks had done much testing and if you search a bit, you will find the results. Have you watched 'What in the world are they spraying'? The link is on the side as well.

  7. today again, trails away. more non-stop trails in the sky over tampa bay area florida. why is there no wider news reporting or explainations.

  8. Increasingly heavy chemtrails over North Tampa 02/20/2012 @ 1800hrs
    Latitude, Longitude