Monday, March 14, 2011

RED FLAG ALERT: "Contrails and Sea Breezes Highlight Tranquil Pattern"

Check out this bogus weather report for Jacksonville, Florida!

Contrails and Sea Breezes Highlight Tranquil Pattern

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- We had a few contrails which are condensation clouds created by planes and high cirrus clouds but no rain clouds.

This trend will continue. In fact, it still felt great in the filtered sunshine today as temperatures had no trouble reaching near 80 degrees. The main storm track will stay north of our area this week which means our big weather story is the warmest week of the year is here.

We will have some afternoon seabreezes due to the big land-sea temperature differences. This will keep high temperatures near the beaches in the middle 70s for highs while inland areas will have no trouble reaching 80 degrees. Be careful of patchy morning fog with a light wind and increasing humidity over the next couple days.

Nature will throw a very weak front our way Wednesday with rain chances remaining very small. The best boating weather of the year will continue with wind speeds remaining close to 10 knots through Friday and seas at 2-4 ft. Water temperatures will rise into the lower to middle 60s by the weekend!

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  1. At 11:30 a complete circle rainbow appeared around the moon after a day of chemtrails , many witnesses but could not get a picture too dark .I find real strange .