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Chemtrails Over New Jersey

What happened to Vernon?

Friday, March 18, 2011
Last updated: Friday March 18, 2011, 1:27 AM

The once beautiful clear blue skies of Vernon have recently been taken over by hundreds of large airplanes littering our once pristine blue landscape with just as many chemtrails reminding us of their presence. Let’s not forget the faint odor of jet fuel making you question, "Do I really want my kids out in the yard, running playing and breathing in neurotoxins omitted from the emissions that fall from the skies in particulates so small they will never be seen by the human eye, but could enter children’s bodies in an instant and remain in their lungs forever, causing anything from asthma to cancer. Or maybe it will be the lead they will inhale from the avgas that a lot of the bigger planes are still using.


This photograph was taken on Jan. 24 outside the Vernon Municipal building. What a sad day it is that a community over 40 miles away from any major airport should be under siege from 747’s and Air Busses that can carry up to 500 people per flight. How is it that one day you are listening to the Red Shoulder Hawks scream with delight as they ride the wind over your development, only to wake the next morning to a Jumbo jet cruising over your home at 1700 feet? (Highland Lakes is 1300 feet above sea level; planes can fly as low as 3000 feet and they do.)

And what about property values in Vernon, especially Highland Lakes and Barry Lakes? Do you want to walk out your door and see an air show every day as long as you live here? I do not! By law a realtor must disclose flight path information, and once people are aware that Vernon now has very heavy air traffic over it, prospective buyers will be smart to take this intrusion into consideration before purchasing a home in our community. Yes, we have beautiful lakes, great ski resorts, and a huge water park, and some of the best golf courses. We have Bald Eagles and even endangered species such as the Red Shoulder Hawks and the Pileated Woodpeckers, Timber Rattlers and Bog Turtles, plenty of places to hike and fish, and a great school system, but all that taken into consideration since January 18th 2011 we also have hundreds—and I mean hundreds—of commuter and Jumbo Air Liners flying over our beautiful town every day.


We can call our Congressman Scott Garrett ask him to represent us. Mayor Sally Rinker and the council have directed the town manager to put a template letter on the Vernon township website see Vernon residents are insisting that these new flights over Vernon be moved back to wherever they were prior to Jan 18, 2011. They were not here before and we cannot afford for them to be here now! The community must join together for this cause!

Vernon has had great moments of speaking out from the stopping of cell towers, to mothers laying down in front of dump trucks to stop soil contaminated with radon from being brought into Vernon in the 80’s. Vernon residents care and always have cared about Vernon. From the ground to the skies we must preserve the beauty and integrity of our town.

S.O.S. Save Our Skies.

Beverly Ann Budz

Highland Lakes

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  1. Mendham nj too nearly every day since march 2 2011. Please advise on your sucesses with
    Local govt so we can replicate here. Its so upsetting... thank you s at