Thursday, March 17, 2011

RED FLAG ALERT! Another Bogus Weather Report on Contrails

"Speaking of clouds those streaks across the sky you saw at times today are called contrails. Here is a picture from this morning. They are condensation clouds created by planes or jets. Their engines release hot and humid air and the gas becomes a liquid as it cools in the much cooler air. In fact even though ground temperatures were near 80 today. Those man-made clouds formed where temperatures were below zero! The good news is those clouds did not last very long which tells us the atmosphere is dry. So this means even though we had a few wispy cirrus clouds move in as well today that no rain will be in the forecast any time soon. There is a slight chance of a shower in Georgia on Wednesday but do not count on it. Make sure to water your Spring flowers. The best boating weather of the year will continue with wind speeds remaining close to 10 knots through Friday and seas at 2-4 ft. Water temperatures will rise into the lower to middle 60s by the weekend!"

Submitted by Mike Prangley on March 14, 2011 - 8:00pm
Jacksonville, Florida Weather

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  1. Mr. Mike,
    The main difference in referencing Chemtrails and contrails is the fact that contrails disappear within minutes (like they all used to 20 years ago) as they recover to the temperature around them. Chemtrails and chemclouds disperse only through thinning and stay for hours and sometimes days and show rigid geometric formations and ridges. Have a good day and enjoy your flowers and be Happy.