Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RED ALERT! Corexit is STILL Being Sprayed in Gulf!


Toxic Gulf Brew Still Reaping Death and Misery

The chemical and biological agents used in the gulf created a toxic stew of death. Victims both human and animal continue to suffer to this day. Air Force unit "awarded" for helping spray the toxins. It's time for action!

by Hank Mills, with Sterling D. Allan
for Pure Energy Systems News

Countless animals and humans continue to suffer at the hands of BP and government agencies as the casualties of the gulf oil spill mount. A bad situation was turned into a disaster as toxic chemical dispersants and genetically engineered biological agents were utilized. The fallout of this criminally irresponsible act continue to manifest in the form of illness, suffering, and death.

The crude oil that gushed into the Gulf of Mexico (while BP continually under-reported the flow rate of gushing oil) was obviously harmful to the ecologic environment. However, instead of utilizing safe techniques to remove their toxic sludge they chose fast and risky methods to remove as much oil as possible from the public eye. In order to minimize the public relations nightmare and hide much of the magnitude of their guilt, chemical dispersants were utilized.

One of these chemical dispersants is named, "Corexit." BP admits 1.8 million gallons of dispersant was pumped and sprayed across the Gulf of Mexico despite it's known toxicity. However, this figure is debated, because it appears much more could have been used. (Ref.) It's toxicity to marine life is discussed in a paper titled, "Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Three Corexit Products: An Overview" which describes its toxicity. It is described as being mildly to moderately toxic to marine life, but the toxicity increases with temperature. Apparently, this was not considered when the chemical was introduced into the very warm Gulf of Mexico!

Disturbingly, BP had many alternative dispersants at their disposal that exhibit less toxicity. One of these is named, "Dispersit" and is made by Polychem, a division of U.S. Polychemical Corporation. It is claimed to be water based, non-toxic, and poses almost no risk to humans. However, even if BP had not chosen to use Dispersit, they had a dozen other EPA approved dispersants on a list they could have chosen from. For some reason these safer alternatives were ignored.

Human Toxicity

Corexit is not only toxic to marine life, but also to humans. Although the manufacturer of Corexit claims the potential toxicity to humans is low, expert toxicologists are stating otherwise. One of these toxicologists is Dr. Susan Shaw, who is the founder and director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute. She has stated, "And that’s what that Corexit does, it ruptures red blood cells, causes internal bleeding, and liver and kidney damage. …" What's even worse, is when Corexit mixes with oil, the toxicity increases, as she describes in this video.

The oil and dispersants do not stay in the ocean though. They evaporate into gaseous forms and can blow onto shore with the wind or fall as rain. It is obvious these various forms of oil and Corexit were doing harm. Members of cleanup crews, fishermen, and coastal residents have experienced all manner of illnesses. These include sore throats, burning of the skin, swelling, headaches, seizures, shortness of breath, flu like symptoms, and countless other problems. Stunningly, when local fishermen who were volunteering to help with the cleanup asked for respirators, BP denied their request claiming they were not needed because there was nothing toxic in the air. Instead of reprimand, an "Air Force Outstanding Unit Award" was given to 910th Airlift Wing last week for spraying 30,000 acres of the ocean with at least 149,000 gallons of dispersant, proving their involvement and culpability in the operation. (Ref.)

Experimental Biologics

To make a bad situation even worse, experimental substances with environmental effects less understood than chemical toxins were used to try and clean up the oil spill. Genetically engineered microbes were utilized. These microbes were designed to literally consume the oil and hydrocarbons leaking into the gulf. However, some of these microbes (even before they are genetically engineered) can cause skin rashes and immune responses in humans.

All of these bacteria can transfer genes to other bacteria through a process called, "Horizontal Gene Transfer." What is potentially terrifying is that we do not know exactly what genes were added to these bacteria and could have been transferred to bacteria native to the Gulf of Mexico. We could have countless new strains of bacteria growing and multiplying in the gulf as we speak!

A combination of illnesses from hydrocarbons mixed with Corexit and various genetically engineered bacteria has been named, "The Gulf Blue Plague". At the link above you can find detailed information about the exact bacteria introduced to the gulf, the companies that patented their genetically modified versions, more evidence of the human toxicity of Corexit, and other valuable data that simply cannot be fully reviewed in a single short article.

A Life Lost to Criminal Irresponsibility

An example of a life lost to this insane experimentation is Lisa Nelson of Orange Beach, Alabama. She went out to the coast one night to enjoy the beauty of the moon and suddenly upon returning home started having severe symptoms. Her throat and face became swollen, bruises appeared on her body, and her breathing became difficult. It is apparent that she was exposed to the toxic chemicals being sprayed and dumped in the gulf during that time period. Little did she know then, the cool sea breeze that night would be her undoing. After many doctor visits, no medical professional was able to pin-point her illness or do anything to resolve her condition. The massive doses of steroids and antibiotics prescribed did little to reduce her suffering. Sadly, she passed away on March 7, 2011.

Watch the following video (produced before her death) in which she describes her ordeal.

Lisa Nelson of Orange Beach, AL is one of a growing number of people sickened and dying as a result of the BP disaster. Local physicians have no idea how to diagnose or treat patients who have bee exposed to highly toxic crude/dispersant combination. Local, State, and federal agencies continue to cover-up and offer zero assistance. (YouTube; November 7, 2011)

"To help Lisa and others like her, contact Guardians of the Gulf: 251-229-0775"
She is not the only victim of this tragedy. Countless others have suffered a wide array of maladies produced by their exposure to the toxins still remaining in the water and costal environment of the gulf. Her suffering is only one example of pain and misery that could have been avoided if a responsible and thoughtful response to the oil spill had taken place.

The Hutchison Solution

John Hutchison, who is famous for his anti-gravity and matter manipulating experiments (in which various materials can levitate and literally fuse into each other), and his partner Nancy Lazaryan, have developed a potential solution for the disaster in the gulf. They have produced a method of generating radio and acoustic frequencies that can break apart the oil and other chemicals in polluted areas.

After activating his device and emitting these restorative frequencies across a stretch of coastline polluted by the gulf tragedy, a remarkable event happened. The water appeared to clear itself of contaminants; and various organisms such as crabs, fish, and dolphins returned to the area. Testing of a sample from the cleansed water performed by a professional laboratory confirmed a vast reduction in oil particles. (Ref.)

Unfortunately, alternative cleanup solutions such as this are almost always ignored by the mainstream, BP, and government agencies. Further testing of this toxin eradicating effect needs to be performed to provide undeniable confirmation of its viability. If this technology is confirmed and widely implemented, it could potentially represent a rapid, cost effective, and revolutionary advance in oil spill remediation.

Both John and Nancy have been "hit with the Corexit." Nancy told us: "John has what looked like a MERSA infection on his arms, but he still does what he does to help."

BP's Billions and Shattered Lives

Countless businesses were brought to financial ruin by this tragedy. Fishermen, crabbers, shrimpers, and countless local business owners were brought to financial ruin. BP has a responsibility to financially compensate those effected by this tragedy, but word has spread of countless examples of inaction and broken promises. It has been stated by local residents that the payout of funds seems arbitrary with BP paying money out to arguably frivolous claims (such as strip club employees claiming lost wages) while ignoring those filed by those who make their living on the water who can no keep their head above water financially.

The mainstream media seems to have lost interest in BP's lack of action and payouts to those truly impacted by the spill. Families are losing their homes, boats are being re-possessed, and businesses are closing. All BP seems to care about is watching their bottom line and limiting their financial exposure!

Where are the Democrats on Capitol Hill that should be screaming about this? Where are the Republicans on Fox News that should be shouting about this?

Who will stand up for the innocent who have been harmed physically or financially and seek fair compensation?

The answer seems to be that very few are willing to do so, and even FEWER of our so-called, "representatives" are representing the pain of these people.

The Guilty Remain Free

The evidence of gross misconduct and criminal irresponsibility on the part of BP and countless government agencies is enormous. To recap, the flow rate of the gushing oil was obviously under-reported. To enhance the harmful potential of the sludge the most toxic dispersants were utilized while less dangerous alternatives were ignored. Genetically engineered bacteria were then introduced to the gulf without a full understanding of their impact or the potential transfer of their genetic material to other organisms that could occur. Requests for respirators by clean-up workers, legitimate financial claims for compensation, and admissions of responsibility for illnesses and deaths have all been denied.

Simply put, the situation is frustrating. The powers that be have done a great job of concealing information, limiting their financial exposure, and escaping the legal consequences of their guilt. But a simple fact is that there are far more of US than there are of THEM. We must use this to our advantage. If thousands or millions of concerned citizens continually demand justice we cannot be ignored forever. We must speak up and must let our voices be heard!

The truth will and must win in the end.


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  2. The odd thing is how many people still frequent BP at the pump and in their stores, even in Florida. There was barely a boycott. But hey, the gulf isn't in the news, on t.v., so the public turns a complacent head. The wealthy invest millions to convince the public not to be concerned with environmental issues. BP has an add campaign saying everything is fine and the public is happy to digest the good news and pretend it never happened. The trend now is the trend of plutocracy. The wealthy make the decisions. Their companies reap the rewards. They may bring our country to ruin and answer to no one. You know why corporations can't be people? People go to jail.