Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chemtrails Over Las Vegas

I’ve been watching planes overfly my house in SW Las Vegas for some time, starting with a pair of Leupold 10x42 binoculars and most recently I’ve been photographing the planes with my Canon 20D. All of the planes chemtrailing in the Las Vegas area are commercial jets.

Starting around dawn on Sunday, February 13, 2011 we got heavily chemtrailed by jets flying in all directions. I stepped out of the house to check the sky around 7:30 AM and this is what I saw.

Looking southwest toward LAX where a majority of the spray planes come from.

Looking northeast where the LAX planes fly out of the Las Vegas area.

Looking east, almost all the clouds are CTs.

Looking east again.

I ran back inside and started Flight Aware and Flight Explorer, grabbed my cameras and waited for a plane to fly overhead. While waiting I took these photos.

A shot almost straight up at the expanding CTs.

Looking northeast at trails left by planes as I was starting up the software.

Looking southwest toward LAX at CTs left by prior planes, that's my tree in the front yard on the right.

I could see a plane out of LAX chemtrailing as it entered the Las Vegas area. This plane was going to fly right over the top of my house.

The plume the coming plane left as it chemtrailed over Las Vegas.

COA556 B738 LAX-Cleveland--a close up of the plane as it flew over the top of my house.

Using Flight Aware and Flight Explorer I was able to identify exactly which plane was chemtrailing at 7:54AM as it overflew my house. You can see from the photo that the plane is all white on the bottom with two black circles in mid-section. The black circles are the wheels and characteristic of the Boeing 737-800 or B738. Around 7:54AM there were two B738s in the air around Las Vegas, one was a Continental Airlines B738 and the other was a Delta Airlines B738. Continental uses an all white paint scheme on the bottom of their planes while Delta uses a blue oval on the bottom of their planes. So the plane was Continental Flight 556 out of Los Angeles going to Cleveland.

The Flight Aware info for Continental 556.

I was able to ID four other planes that were chemtrailing.


The Flight Aware info for TRS890.


The Flight Aware info for VRD404.


The Flight Aware info for DAL1212

Air Canada--ACA790

The Flight Aware info forACA790

Ken Bradley


  1. Isn't censorship of the truth 'un-Christian?'

  2. I also live in the Las Vegas area. I've been watching these trails for a few years now and always wondered what these planes were doing. Yesterday morning(3/31/11)the sky was crystal clear. I saw at least 5 planes leaving these trails and finally googled it. I am stunned & saddened to what I have discovered the trails were. I have a photo that I took 2 years ago that showed a sort of grid (weave) pattern in the sky over Henderson, NV. I would like to know more about this and if there is anything currently being done to stop this? Can I as an American citizen get involved in some way?

  3. You can start a blog like this... free and easy... to post your photos to raise awareness. Also, if you email them to me, I'll post them here:

  4. so how do you know they are chemtrails and not persistent contrails...esp since they are from commercial airlines?

    A lot of people say its not commercial airlines...

  5. Its quite real and dangerous. I piloted tankers spraying the aerosoled metals on the unsuspecting public. Pilots are falsely told they are fighting global warming or helping to protect America. The fuel and big pharma chemical costs have bankrupted America. Write your congressperson.