Monday, March 7, 2011

Ventura County, Calif Reader Responds to Contrails Article


Posted March 7, 2011 at 9:18 a.m.

Re: your March 4 article, “Jet contrails spur ecological fears”:

I have been observing the chemtrail spray program since the end of 1999, when spraying first began in Washington state (spraying began earlier in California), where I observed chemtrail activity for six years. In 2006, I began observing chemtrail activity in Southern California. Since 2009, I have taken photos of chemtrail spray activity over Ventura County. All 166 pages (so far) of chemtrails can be viewed on my Webshots album at .

I am far from alone in my view that these miles-long, expanding trails, which sometimes are switched off and on (just watch to see that wispy cloud effect), and which then become what we call “chemclouds,” are the action of the chemtrail spray program, a global program.

Many have written to our local, state and national representatives, NOAA, ecology, weather departments, universities and military, and many who are supposed to be representing us. Our numerous inquiries have seldom been addressed.

The difference between jet aircraft with their normal short, quickly dissipating, comet-like contrails, and the chemtrail spray planes, spewing out miles-long trails can easily be observed. There are several days during the year in which the spray planes are spraying elsewhere and in which chemclouds sprayed elsewhere have not blown into an area and only normal air traffic can be seen. Anyone looking at the sky then might ask: There are absolutely no contrails in the sky today. Has all air traffic been grounded?

They might well ask: Why are there a number of days when not a single so-called contrail can be observed, and other days when the sky is absolutely jammed-packed full of these “contrails” crisscrossing in every direction, often showing giant X-marks, with aircraft at times clearly being seen making turns?

Here's to looking up!

- Ellyn Sutton,

Simi Valley


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