Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chemtrails in the News

Climate manipulation--what are they spraying in our skies?

by Anthony Martin
March 1st, 2011 1:50 pm ET

VIDEO: Chemtrails in the Skies


Evidence has surfaced indicating that large geo-engineering corporations have partnered with the federal government to use chemical agents to offset the impact of 'anthropogenic global warming.' According to several government watchdog groups the corporations and the Feds are experimenting with climate manipulation by spraying chemicals into the sky that would supposedly slow or stop the heating up of the earth's surface. Citizens who live in the areas of the experiments report the sighting of 'chemtrails' in the sky--large streams of white trails similar to that of the 'contrails' left behind by airliners. So significant was the evidence of the chemtrails that CBS-Atlanta did a special report on the phenomenon on Februrary 13 of this year. A video explaining the issues at stake can be found in the top left column.

Among the government agencies allegedly involved in the experiments are the Departments of State, Defense, Energy, Transportation, Agriculture, and the EPA. Monsanto is reportedly one of the corporations working with the government agencies, but corporate involvement likely involves a multiplicity of large chemcial companies.

In its report on geo-engineering, the Intel Hub reported that the budget for the experiments--paid with tax dollars--exceeds one billion dollars per year. Private funding for the program includes gifts from moguls such as Bill Gates, among others.

Although the theory of 'man-made global warming,' or anthropogenic climate change, has been discredited and debunked as fraudulent, advocates for centralized government control over human activity continue to push for broad, draconian measures that would change our way of life. The United Nations, for example, continues to advocate for a global 'carbon tax' to supposedly offset the carbon pollution created by industrialized nations. Such pollutants, it is claimed, are contributing to the accelerated warming of the earth's surface.

But in the Fall of 2009 such a theory was exposed as entirely fraudulent. Just prior to the U.N.'s Copenhagen summit on climate change, explosive news hit the global community indicating that it had been duped by unscrupulous 'scientists' with an agenda--create mass hysteria over a non-existent phenomenon in order to provide the 'solution,' which of course would be mandated changes in transportation, energy consumption, along with the money-making concept of 'carbon exchanges' that would pad the pockets of climate-change salesmen such as Al Gore, Barack Obama, and a number of investors in the now defunct 'Chicago Climate Exchange.'

It turned out that the concept of man-made global warming was not based on extensive scientific research but upon a theory presented in a Master's Degree thesis paper published in a non-scientific journal. Investigators also discovered that temperature gauges had been moved from colder areas to warmer ones, and some were even placed directly behind air conditioning exhaust units on the rooftops of buildings located in some of the warmest areas of the country.

Major newspapers across the globe reported that some of the U.N.'s top climate scientists had lied about the evidence for such a theory.

Nonetheless, those who are determined to bring about centralized government control in order to micro-manage the lives of citizens continue to push the myth of anthropogenic global warming, along with their prescriptions for dealing with it. And the use of chemicals to manipulate the climate is one of those prescriptions.

Many citizens claim that the chemicals are making them sick. Others claim that the chemicals are deadly to human life. Still others say that the use of these chemicals are killing wildlife, including birds, fish, and other susceptible species.

In a curious footnote, none other than Obama appointee John Holdren is one of the key players in this plan. As Director of Science and Technology and Special Assistant to the President, Holdren has advocated for a 'planetary regime' that would oversee global population control and the use of natural resources. He has also advocated for forced sterilization, mandated abortions, and other ominous concepts that would make the freedom of the individual a thing of the past and usher in a brave new world where a centralized government complex would micro-manage every aspect of human life right down to whether or not one is allowed to have children and how much energy one can consume.

Thus, climate manipulation is merely one piece in a concerted power-grab by those who look with disdain upon individual liberty.

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