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Chemtrail Comments From Canada

Sun 06 Mar 2011

Visible Invisible: The Green Sheep Who Wouldn't Look Up

written by Creative Commons

Geoengineering According to Elizabeth May - Green Party
by Es-tee A. Miller

Hi Es-tee; my name is Paul and I am administering Elizabeth's facebook account. I do appreciate your concern with this issue, but I'm not sure what you feel that we can do about it, if indeed it is actively being carried out as you say. I apologize for removing you from our friend lists, but as there is currently insufficient evidence backing up your theory about geoengineering, we can't have chemtrail videos being posted on this page. As I'm sure you're well aware, most people do not respond well to this issue. I hope you will understand.

Sincerely, Paul

My response:
Hi Paul; I'm actually quite shocked that Elizabeth May has someone administering her Facebook Page that is so ignorant of current environmental concerns. Where do you live by the way?

Elizabeth lives on an Island where all you have to do is look up to verify that my videos and photographs of Military jets spraying on a daily basis is a reality.

Do you remember the last time we had any real sunshine on the Island or anywhere on the westcoast for that matter. Your statement of "insufficient evidence backing up my "theory" of geoengineering not only blew me away but many others judging by the comments I'm getting on my Facebook Page after posting your ludicrous response for all to see. I'm quite serious when I say get your head out of the dark abyss where you have shoved it and "LOOK UP".. Your response has generated a horrified reaction worldwide.


E. Miller

May 15th, 2010 six U.S. military jets sprayed us like bugs in Saanichton on Vancouver Island.
Tons of ?? falling from the skies.. air became blue and hazy. Vancouver Island, B.C.
These are the kind of clouds that develop overtop my house in Colwood, B.C. after a heavy day of spraying.
Yes! it's that low. My backyard!
One of many jets I've caught spraying over Metchosin and Colwood on Vancouver Island.
Several jets laying a grid like formation over top of my house.
Black Fog in Colwood after heavy aerosol spraying by jets.

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