Friday, March 25, 2011

Chemtrail Commentary from Canada

Chemtrails film troubling for audience

By Gerry Masuda, The Citizen March 23, 2011

The chemtrails we have been seeing over Duncan since the 1980s has now been exposed by an investigative filmmaker. The film was troubling to the 40 to 50 individuals who attended the showing.

Last Thursday, the Eye-Opener film was What in the World Are They Spraying? It was about chemtrails seen over Duncan since the 1980s, over other Canadian cities, throughout the U.S., and Europe. To me, this film posed the following troubling aspects.

First is the violation of the precautionary principle which prevent experiments which could cause possible harm to humans or the environment. (A more thorough definition could be viewed on Wikipedia.)

Scientists in the film stated that research on effects of aluminum particles on humans are now only in the initial stages. The film also records other troubling effects resulting from the aluminum and barium from chemtrails on plants and animal life. The precautionary principle is being flagrantly violated by scientists working for governments.

The second troubling aspect is why we the people, who are being affected, have not been consulted or informed. It is not possible to get information out of our MPs and government departments which deny chemtrails exist. The inability to get official information is troubling. What has become of our democracy?

The third troubling aspect is the purpose of the chemtrail project. The stated reason is to try to cool the climate to avoid global warming. The accumulated cost of this multi-year, multi-country project must now be over a billion dollars. What secret purpose could justify such high continuing program costs? The secrecy surrounding this chemtrail project is troubling.

It is time for we the people to start asking questions and demanding answers of our MPs.

Gerry Masuda


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